4 Bad Smartphone Habits to Drop

Published On December 5, 2012 | Mobile

With smartphones it’s never been easier to log in to Facebook, check football scores or dash off a quick email to your boss. We love them for their convenience, but do you have bad phone habits?

Enabling Every Push Notification

Social media can be a huge time suck, and push notifications also drain your battery. We understand why you want to check Twitter or Facebook on your phone, but you don’t need to check it every 30 seconds. You’ll live if you miss an update from your friends by five minutes, so turn down those push notifications to save battery and let yourself enjoy the real world. Twitter will still be there when you look at your phone the next time.

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Not Using a Case

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to buy a case for your smartphone. Some people spend close to a month’s salary on these tiny computers, so it doesn’t make any sense to keep it on your person at all times without protection. You might drop your phone. We’ve even heard stories of people running their phones over with the car. A good case won’t protect it against everything, but it can extend the life of your phone and leave your wallet a little heavier. Otherwise, you’re just playing with fire by carrying an unprotected phone.

Keeping Your Phone On at Night

Everyone says they can’t turn off their phone because there might be an emergency, and we understand this, but it’s not a good enough reason to sleep with your phone. It’s likely affecting the quality of your sleep and could even be disturbing your partner. Experts suggest that you stop looking at all electronics three hours before hitting the hay if you’re serious about sleep, which you should be. Let people know when it’s not okay to message or call you, and enjoy a good night’s rest.

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Ignoring People and Surroundings for Your Phone

Have you ever been in a store and watched another customer completely ignore the cashier because she was too busy chatting on her cell phone? Maybe you’ve walked past a group of people who were supposed to be enjoying a cup of coffee together but, instead, were all too busy focusing on their phones? News flash: You’ve probably done that at some point. Don’t be that person. People will think you are inconsiderate and avoid you. Put your phone down and enjoy your friends and family. Listen to what your coworkers are saying. There’s more to life than your phone.




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