4 Biggest Announcements from CES 2015

Published On January 14, 2015 | Electronics

It’s mid-January and tech enthusiasts know what that means, another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. And just like the rest of the shows that preceded it, there were some pretty spectacular demos and announcements at CES 2015.

CES 2015 set a record for highest attendance, and it’s no surprise why. This year’s show was full of incredible new technology that will change the way people consume media.

The Leap to 8K TVs

Perhaps the biggest announcement was the one related to the future of televisions. If you thought 4K was the future of TV, you might have been setting your sights too low. Three different companies introduced 8K televisions, with one being the standout winner.

LG and Panasonic introduced their 8K, 3D TVs, but both required the seemingly obvious 3D glasses to be worn for it to work. But then Samsung introduced its 110-inch, 8K, glasses-free 3D TV.

The Appetizing Thought of 3D Food Printing

While 3D printing was big last year, 2015 is all about 3D food printing. Following the same concept of standard 3D printing, you can now make copies of your food. XYZPrinting had a plethora of their own 3D printers on display, but its $2,000 food printer wowed CES goers with the ability to duplicate food and food designs.

Of course, in order for the 3D printed food to be edible and tasty, you have to have the correct ingredients. For some food designs that are sculpted and have intricacies, say, for cake toppings, those pieces take longer to be printed, but are still much quicker than having to make by hand. All in all, the 3D Food Printing was a jaw-dropping display.

Ditch Cable and Enjoy Sling Television for $20 a Month

For people who hate paying for cable television, Sling Television made quite the announcement at CES 2015. The company introduced its proposal for a $20 monthly TV package, which is essentially a subscription service for specific channels.

If you want premium channels, you can buy a monthly package for ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS, TNT, HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, Cartoon Network, Disney and ABC Family that would be quite a bit smaller than your monthly cable bill. The amount of people who have ditched their cable provider is growing rapidly, and Sling Television’s new announcement is certainly another game-changer.

Razer Enters the Virtual Reality Gaming World

Another big announcement came from gaming company Razer, which let the world know about its intentions to enter the virtual reality gaming world. Set to be released in June, Razer’s OSVR Hacker Dev Kit features a 5.5-inch display with 100-degree field of view and sensor hub with integrated accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. Needless to say, there were lines out the door at Razer’s enclosed exhibit, with fans wanting to get their taste of the new system.

Even though CES 2015 is over, tech fans still have a lot to look forward to. One thing is for sure, 2015 is definitely the year for consuming media.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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