5 Apps That Make Student Life Easier

Published On December 5, 2012 | App & Software

The latest student apps provide everything from cloud capabilities to easy job networking technology. With more than a million apps currently out there, these iPad, iPhone and Android apps truly make student life that much easier. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest graphing calculator around or just want tons of flashcard games, most of these apps are free.
1. JobChangeAlert

Social networks get overwhelming, particularly when trying to separate from your professional career. This app is all about job networking and staying connected to your favorite contacts on LinkedIn. Whether you’re in college looking for a job or you just graduated, JobChangeAlert is the essential tool for keeping up with professional connections. JobChangeAlert allows users to update with information from LinkedIn, receive daily notifications that share employer’s newest activity and easily lets you update your own profile.
2. Evernote Peek

Evernote is already known for its cloud note-taking abilities, but Evernote Peek has gained a lot of attention recently. The new app allows students to turn notes into study questions, whether those notes are in text, images or audio files. In addition, students can use Evernote Peek with iPad Smart Cover to see the question and then lift higher to check the answer. Evernote Peek also has its own digital cover.
3. Graphing Calculator

Back in the old days, everyone had to buy a $100 graphing calculator just to get by their algebra and calculus classes. However, those days are long gone. The new Graphing Calculator app from Appcylon LLC offers a scientific calculator that allows users to plot and trace several equations on the same graph. In addition, the app comes with the ability to take screen shots and share graphs through e-mail.
4. Quizlet

With finals right around the corner, many students have turned to Quizlet, an intuitive app with more than 10 million flashcards. With Quizlet, students have a variety of options no matter what kind of study style suits you. You can play flashcard games as well, which make it easier to learn. Students can also create new sets of flashcards.
5. iTunes U

For research papers, studying outside of the box and learning about new subjects, nothing comes close to the universal app known as iTunes U. With this free app, anyone can take free college courses, listen to podcasts and view videos on a variety of different subjects, even from top-tier schools like Harvard. If you don’t know what to write for your final essay, check out iTunes U for some interesting research topics.



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