5 Calorie Cutting Apps to Get You Through the Holiday Season

Published On December 5, 2012 | App & Software

Smartphones are transforming the way in which we run our lives. We can use our smartphones to handle just about everything we do throughout life—including managing our weight. You can use the devices to calculate the amount of calories you consume, the nutritional value in everything you eat and much more. Here are some of the top apps for monitoring your caloric intake:

Calorie Tracker

Are you someone who is worried about counting calories? Calorie Tracker is an amazing app provided by a fitness and health website. You can use the app to record and monitor your daily intake of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The app itself is composed of more than 450,000 different food items. If you want to factor in the amount of physical activity you do, you can use the app to figure out how many calories you burned with various exercises.


Lose It

Create a daily budget for calorie intake, set goals, track exercise activity, record food intake and view a graph showing your progress with this amazing app. After you enter in all of your information, you will be able to create a customized plan with a target end date to help you maintain and lose the weight you desire. Since the app is easy to use, many individuals stick with it because everything is laid out for them.


Even though it is important to track your calories, you also need to make sure you are consuming the proper balance of nutrients. This app is extremely handy for those who need to determine the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats consumed in one meal. Browse through the gram weight of the food option to help determine what ratio it equates.


My Fitness Pal

Even though this app may not be as friendly as the other alternatives on the market, it does have more than 750,000 entries in it, making it one of the largest food listings. It even comes equipped with a barcode reader to make calorie counting even simpler. Once you scan the barcode, it will return with the information you need to calculate the nutritional value of the food you are about to consume.

Fat Secret

This is one of the hottest apps for smartphone users today. Even though it does not have a barcode scanner, you will love the simplicity and ease of use that accompanies this app. You can track your progress using arrows to mark when you have good calorie days or bad ones. When you complete a meal, you will have everything saved in one convenient location.



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