5 Comic Con Regulars We Want to Meet

Published On July 17, 2013 | Comic Con

Just like the coastal clouds that block out the sun in the morning, a few things always seem to return to Comic Con in San Diego every year.

Here are five of the regular Comic Con characters we want to party with this weekend.

1. Alvin the Chipmunk

We don’t know how this guy does it, but every year, he manages to snag a full-conference pass and roam the halls greeting fans in a really high-pitched voice. But where are Simon and Theodore?


2. Free Hugs Guy

If you see this guy, don’t be shy. Go ahead and give him a big bear hug, maybe even lift his feet up off the ground when you do it. After all, he asked for it.

Free Hugs Guy

3. Gender-Swapping Cos Play Couple

You see what they did? He’s dressed as Princess Leia, a female character, and she’s dressed as Han Solo, a male character. We wonder what they’ll wear to their wedding.

Gender Swap Cos Play4. Jesus

If you don’t make it to church on Sunday because you’re too busy trying to squeeze in all your Comic Con activities, not to worry about eternal damnation. The big guy will make an appearance.


5. Where’s Waldo

There are so many people dressed as Waldo roaming the Comic Con halls, we managed to get two in one photo.




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