5 Photo Apps Guaranteed To Make You More Social

Published On December 5, 2012 | App & Software

People love to share photos. Photo sharing applications are rapidly appearing on the market, and the current giants of the industry are suddenly facing international competition. Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram for $1 billion demonstrates their belief that photo and video sharing are the future of social media networks.


This free photo sharing application is available for iPhones and Android. Instagram is about making mobile phone pictures look better, and it has 17 filters to help do this. The filters are versatile and allow the users to manipulate picture elements including color and lighting.



Pudding.to is a free Korean photo sharing app that is growing even faster than Instagram. It is already the most popular photo sharing app in Asia. Pudding.to is not a feature-rich application, but it does allow users to add emotion tags, music and locations. There are also different layouts available for using multiple pictures such as a collage. The user only has to add the photos and the layouts are automatically generated.


Twitter has been in the photo sharing business for a few years, but this is their first release for mobile users. This app lets users share photos and videos on Twitter, and allows them to see other content people are sharing. This application offers photo editing features and filters to enhance the photos.

Image via Flickr, by methodshop.com



Flock puts a different twist on sharing photos by making it almost automatic within a group of users who have the Flock app. They all must sign up on Facebook, and Flock does the rest by assembling the photos into one album. It uses location, time and Facebook connection to determine if the photos are from the same event. The members of the group receive notice when there is an album to share.


This free touch app from Photobucket is for Windows 8 devices. It allows users to freely share content with other Windows devices and also share that content with social media sites. The Photobucket app lets users handle all their photos, videos and albums with a single application. This feature plus the touch operating system makes it competitive in the marketplace.



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