5 Practical Gadgets for the Bedroom

Published On July 26, 2013 | Electronics

The bedroom is a place that was traditionally just used for sleep. Back in the day, it was a faux pas to even have a television or a radio in the bedroom, so there wasn’t much to do other than sleep or read a book. Nowadays almost every bedroom, from a child’s to an adult’s room, has a television, so the bedroom is becoming more of a living room and a place to relax.

Here are five of the latest tech gadgets that can help make your bedroom an even more comfortable, peaceful and relaxing space.

1) The Phillips Wake-Up Light

For the majority of us who have to wake up at a set time through the use of an alarm clock, it can be a real shock to the system. The Phillips Wake-up Light helps to take that “alarm clock shock” away by gradually increasing the intensity of light in your room up until the point when your alarm clock will go off.

It is fitted with an energy saving bulb and designed to simulate a rising sun so that your body gradually comes out of its sleep mode and you won’t wake up in an initial shock. It also has a radio function that gradually increases in volume up until the time that you need to wake up.

2) The Lightsleeper

The Lightsleeper is a sleep aid device which projects a relaxing light pattern onto your ceiling. The Lightsleeper has many medical benefits for those who struggle to fall asleep and some even claim that it’s the best invention for the bedroom since the pillow. Following the light patterns with your eyes for a few minutes can help you start to fall asleep.

3) Television Beds

Television beds have become a recent craze for the bedroom. Rather than hanging your TV on the wall or having it displayed on a cabinet, you can discreetly hide your TV away inside the foot end of your bed. Many gadget lovers may see this as a James Bond style gadget that you can use to impress your friends, as it’s a surprise to see a television rise out of the foot of the bed.

New multimedia TV Beds are starting to enter the market with built-in speakers in the headboard and a subwoofer speaker under the mattress. There is a wide selection of makes and models to choose from and new fabric design TV Beds are giving consumers much more choice than just your traditional leather bed.

4) Philips Imageo rechargeable Candle Lights

These rechargeable candle lights are fast becoming a popular feature for the home. Place them in the rechargeable dock and then you are free to light them where you like for up to 20 hours of relaxing, safe light. They come in a variety of colors from white, blue or even red. For the bedroom, they can provide a great cost-effective form of mood lighting.

5) Electrolux Portable Fireplace

For cold winter nights, this portable fireplace that looks cool and is safe for the bedroom. There are many portable fireplaces entering the market these days, but this is one of just a few that’s in its own self-contained unit. What’s also cool is that it starts off as a white ceramic unit that turns into a transparent fireplace once you wish to put it in use.

— By Jessica Oaks 



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