5 Productivity Apps to Avoid Being Overworked

Published On December 29, 2012 | App & Software

It’s no secret that Americans are among the most miserable people on the planet. We’re some of the most overworked, also, and the two are probably related. It just makes sense to manage your work in a way that leaves enough time to kick back and relax with loved ones. It’s time to reclaim weeknights and weekends, and productivity apps are one way to do it. Specifically, the five apps on this list will let you get on top of your work, rather than feeling stuck beneath it.

1. Evernote-

Perhaps the best known on this list, Evernote is a note-taking app that is as useful to students as it is for busy professionals or stay-at-home moms. You can use it to keep track of text, images, links, media files and other content that you can connect directly from the Web with Evernote’s Clipper tool. Your account lets you access all these files from every device, so there’s no need to worry about losing those project notes.

2. Checkmark-

This app is available for your iOS device from the iTunes store. This is a premium app that lets you set reminders. Not only can you create a to-do list, but you can organize it via location — home, school or work — activity or person. A timer makes sure you’re on time for flights or meetings, and this app connects to Apple’s Maps and contacts to add locations, which makes it even easier to finish those tasks.

3. Google Drive-

When you need something free and easy, you need Google Drive. This is just one of the many Google services, and it works with your existing Gmail or Google account. Sign in to Google Drive to create Word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and other files that you can then send to associates or access from anywhere. There’s a Google Drive app or Web interface for, literally, every device with an Internet connection. Live edit and commenting features mean that your group can work together regardless of location.

4. CloudOn- 

This might be the better solution if your company uses Microsoft Office products. It’s compatible with popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, which means you’ll spend less time and hassle changing file types. Your employees are able to edit, comment and change files, and the service keeps track of all that activity. The iOS and Android apps make this app convenient for your entire team and CloudOn’s storage relies on the cloud and not your own company’s servers. The tablet app is also ideal for showcasing presentations.

5. SkyDrive-

SkyDrive is the last app on this list that makes it easier to send and store files, thus reducing the amount of time spent at work on mundane project details. Microsoft’s own cloud service is the best if your team members aren’t as comfortable or experienced with cloud technology. It works seamlessly with Windows devices, uses existing Microsoft/Hotmail accounts and features real-time editing via Office Web apps.

Pick any of these solutions to organize your career and spend less time in the workplace.




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