6 Great Ways to Get the Longest Battery Life Out of Your Mobile Device

Published On January 21, 2015 | Mobile

We’ve all probably experienced this at some point—you’re out with friends and you want to get a group shot, so you pull out your phone only to find there’s not enough battery life to document just how awesome you and your friends look tonight. Have no fear. With these six helpful tips, you can help extend the battery life of your smartphone (and really, any mobile device) and never miss a golden-selfie opportunity.

1. Close Unused Apps

You might not be aware of this, but many smart devices will keep running apps even when you’re not actively using them. Open apps leach battery power so be sure to completely close out apps you’re not using. Apple users simply need to double hit the home button to show all running apps. Swipe up on each app to close them out. Android users only need to open their recent apps list and swipe on any apps they’d like to close.

2. Lower Screen Brightness

The brightness of your mobile device’s screen can affect battery life. Bright screens require more battery power and will leave you needing to charge your device more often. You can manually adjust the screen brightness of your smartphone, tablet or laptop by adjusting the settings.

3. Switch to Airplane Mode

Switching to airplane mode is a great tip to help reserve battery power for when you’ll need it most. Airplane mode disables a mobile device’s ability to read or transmit signals, so you won’t be able to receive or make calls or texts while in this setting. You will still be able to use apps which don’t require a signal and functions, such as your phone’s camera. Try switching to airplane mode when you don’t need to receive a signal, like during work or after you’ve met up with your friends for dinner.

4. Refrain from Using Your Phone When Socializing

Speaking of meeting up with friends for dinner, refraining from phone use when socializing is not only a great way to save battery life, it’s also courteous to those around you. By not looking at social media, tagging where you are, or uploading pics to Facebook and Instagram, you’ll save battery power and, more importantly, be able to give your friends your full attention and enjoy the moment.

5. Turn GPS Off When Not In Use

You can help save battery power by turning GPS off when you’re not using it. GPS can be a major battery drain since it has to communicate with 3 to 4 satellites continually, as you move. You can turn GPS off on your iPhone by going into settings, privacy, and turning “location services” off. Turn it back on by switching the “location services” on again.

6. Disable Push Notifications

Push notifications, those pesky updates that let you know someone tweeted at you or you got a new email, are draining your battery power all day. Turn off push notifications and instead check your email, Twitter or Facebook manually. You can turn off push notifications for you iPad or iPhone in the settings under Notification Center. You can then select the apps you don’t want to receive notifications for. Android users can turn off notifications through settings but will need to turn off “Sync” for each desired app.

Don’t get stranded with a dead battery! Follow these easy tips and your mobile device’s battery will keep going and going.

– By Jessica Oaks



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