6 Tips to Train Your Smartphone’s Autocorrect

Published On February 25, 2014 | Mobile

We’ve all been there—trying to send a quick text to a friend or family member only to have autocorrect bite you in the  “assail”, I mean “astronaut”, “GOD DONUT!”

Autocorrect can make even the most innocent text obscene (I swear I was trying to text the word “pen!!!”) or just utterly embarrassing. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your autocorrect! You can train your autocorrect and make it work for you with these tips your sure to “live,” ugh, I mean “LOVE!!!”

Here’s how:

Use Safari’s Search Bar

One of the easiest ways to tame your iPhone’s autocorrect is to enter problem words into Safari’s search bar. Once you hit search, autocorrect will store the spelling you used to search and leave you alone the next time you type that word. It’s really that simple.

Reset the Dictionary

If you mistype a word once and now your autocorrect keeps using the mistyped word, you can reset your iPhone’s dictionary to factory settings. All you need to do is open “Settings,” go to “General” then “Reset” followed by “Reset Dictionary.” This will completely wipe out any words you’ve gotten autocorrect to learn, so be sure you really want to reset the dictionary settings before doing this.

Customize Your Phone’s Dictionary

If your iPhone has iOS 5, you can add your own words to the phone’s dictionary. All you need to do is open up “Shortcuts” under “Keyboard” in your phone’s general settings. Select “add new shortcut” and simply type in the word you want to add under “phrase” and then hit save. This will store the word and keep autocorrect from changing it in the future.

Use Your Phone’s Address Book

You can train your iPhone’s autocorrect by adding words to your phone’s address book. All you have to do is create a new contact and type all the words you want autocorrect to remember into the “name” field. You’ll end up with a weird contact name in your address book, but you’ll be able to text with confidence!

Install an App

You can install the app AutoCorrector to further your control over you iPhone. AutoCorrector allows you to add words to your phone’s dictionary and also allows you to add any abbreviations you might use a lot in texts.

Turn Off Autocorrect

If you’ve just had it up to here with autocorrect, you can turn it off completely. To do so, go to your phone’s general settings and then go to “Keyboard.” You’ll then see the option to turn “Auto-Correction” off or on. Be forewarned, if you do turn off autocorrect, you may want to install a dictionary app.

Autocorrect doesn’t have to be a daily frustration. Show your autocorrect who’s boss. You can take steps to make autocorrect work for you so you won’t have to live in fear of texting your mom something totally inappropriate when all you meant to say was your friend has cute kitties. Happy texting!

– By Jennifer Thayer



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