7 Best Apps for Traveling

Published On August 18, 2017 | App & Software

There’s nothing like travel to get a fresh perspective on life and a little preparation can ensure you get the most out of your trip. Whether traveling abroad or within your own state, travel apps can help take the stress out of travel, making them a perfect addition to your travel prep checklist. We’ve found some of the best apps for traveling so you can ditch the old 300-page travel guide and experience your destination like a seasoned traveler.


These days it seems a vacation isn’t complete without countless email confirmations and reservations. Keeping track of all these confirmations and reservations on your own can get confusing. That’s where TripIt comes in. TripIt is an iOS and Android app that takes your confirmation emails for things like flights, hotel reservations, theater tickets, dinner reservations, and car rentals, and places them all in one easy to use itinerary. You can even access the itinerary when you’re offline.

Google Trips

Looking for things to do while you’re traveling? Google Trips is like a tour guide in your pocket. Google Trips will plan a full day or a half day of things to do and see and places to eat wherever you are. If you don’t like the suggestions, tap the “magic wand” and you’ll get a whole batch of new ideas. Google Trips will even store reservation and confirmation numbers from emails in your Gmail account in one convenient app.

Spotted by Locals

If you like to avoid tourist traps and experience a city like the locals do, Spotted by Locals is the app for you. Spotted by Locals gives insider tips from handpicked locals about places to go and things to do. Complete with full city maps, which can be used offline, Spotted by Locals is regularly updated, and can be purchased for $3.99 per city guide.


If you’re going to another country, make sure you can communicate by brushing up on a foreign language with DuoLingo. DuoLingo offers lessons in over 27 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. DuoLingo makes learning fun and easy with dozens of mini-games to teach you how to read, write, and speak a language.


One of the challenges of traveling is navigating a new city, but you can get around town like a local with Citymapper. Citymapper includes transit maps, real-time updates and alerts for public transportation, and A to B trip planning, all to help you get where you need to go without getting lost. Citymapper is available for major cities across the world, including Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, London, and Barcelona.

XE Currency App

Trying to figure out money conversions can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be with the XE Currency app. XE lets you easily calculate currencies on the go wherever you are in the world. Simply update the exchange rate through the app and you’ll get accurate conversions when you go souvenir shopping or grab a bite to eat.


Make sure you don’t miss a flight by staying up to date with the latest flight information through FlightStats. FlightStats gathers information from airlines, airports, governments, and sources to provide  near real-time updates on flight status, including runway and gate times, and lets you know when a flight delay may affect your flight.

These apps will help take the stress out of navigating a new city, keeping track of your reservations, and help you find fun things to do that you’d never find in a travel book. What apps are your favorite for traveling?

– By Jessica Oaks



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