7 Solar Gear That Takes Advantage of Summer Sun

Published On June 23, 2015 | Green Tech

Summer’s blazing sun fuels more than just long days, dark tans and warm weather. It can also power phones, keyboards, and even your lawnmower. This summer, harness the power of the sun while you’re enjoying the great outdoors with these awesome, solar-powered gadgets.

1. BirkSun Solar Backpack ($100-$300)

Ideal for hikers, campers and beachgoers, the solar-powered backpack makes charging on the go a snap. One-hour of sunlight produces enough energy to power about 25 percent of a cell phone battery. Simply connect your devices to the pack via USB ports and you’ll have plenty of battery by the time you reach the summit. A range of colors and styles are available.

2. Sun Table ($2,500)

This ingeniously designed table features a large solar panel atop a teak and stainless steel base that catches the sun’s rays during the day and then can be used all evening to power laptops, lights, radios and more. The built-in battery is fully charged in only four hours of sunlight and the weatherproof design means easy maintenance.

3. LogiTech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 ($60)

Move your office outdoors and enjoy the ease of a full desktop set-up without the power strips. Thin and portable, this wireless keyboard features a solar panel above the keys that collects both indoor and outdoor light. Once fully charged, this efficient little keyboard keeps going for up to three months.

4. 2600mAh Window-Mounted Solar Energy Power Bank ($17)

Install a solar panel wherever you are with this window-mounted solar energy bank. Small suction cups easily mount to any glass surface, which means you can gather solar power from any window: in your home, office or car. Small and portable with a versatile USB port, it’s fully charged from sunlight in just a few hours.

5. Husqvarna Automower Solar Hybrid ($2,400 and up)

This top-of-the-line lawnmower is a fully automated, robotic lawnmower that can handle tricky borders and steep terrain, communicates with you via an app and knows when the battery is low that it’s time to return to its charging station. And best of all, a sleek solar panel helps extend battery life. Forget about paying for weekly lawn maintenance or spending valuable summer hours mowing the grass; not only will your green look pristine, you’ll be saving some green by going green.

6. Solar Focus Solar Powered Lighted Kindle Cover ($79)

Power hours of poolside reading with this solar powered Kindle cover. It captures the sun’s renewable solar energy and feeds it back into your device, extending your Kindle’s battery life and powering the cover’s built-in LED reading lamp.

7. Eton Rugged Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speaker ($50)

Tangled webs of extension cords are a thing of the past: now you can enjoy your music anywhere with this solar-powered Bluetooth speaker. A large solar panel powers its internal lithium-ion battery to keep the party going after the sun goes down. Use your mobile devices to stream music directly to this nifty speaker, which also comes with a USB port to charge up when your battery is low and an auxiliary input jack for non-Bluetooth devices.

With the endless possibilities of solar energy, there’s no need to slow down to power up. It’s a convenient, efficient, and eco-conscious way to get the most out of summer.

– By Jessica Oaks



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