7 Ways to Get More Life out of Your Aging Device

Published On May 13, 2015 | Electronics

In the computer world, it seems any device over a year old is outdated and slow, but buying a new computer or laptop can be expensive, especially if you’re upgrading regularly. Before you reach for your credit card, consider taking these seven easy steps to help improve your current computer’s performance.

1. Add RAM

Many old computers have difficulty keeping up with new programs. This is largely due to the demands on computer memory new programs require, which can severely slow an old device’s performance. Simply increasing RAM can give your device the boost it needs to keep up with the latest programs. Upgrading to 1GB of RAM is often enough to rejuvenate a device, but is you run large files or are into gaming, 2GB is better.

2. Check for Viruses or Malware

Many computers are infested with all sorts of malware, which can drastically slow your computer’s performance. Getting a good, reliable antivirus program installed in your computer or laptop from the start is best to keep your device running well for years to come. One way to clean your device is to reinstall your operating system. Once clean, be sure to install antivirus software if you haven’t already done so and watch where you’re clicking around on the internet.

3. Defragment the Hard Drive

Defragmenting your device’s hard drive can help make your device run faster. Defragmenting a computer’s hard drive is a way to clean up files, allowing files to be accessed quicker, providing faster processing speeds.

4. Remove Unused Programs

Unused programs can bog down our computers, eating up valuable RAM. You can disable programs you don’t use often or completely uninstall programs you don’t use or need at all. Disabling or uninstalling unused programs can speed up your device’s boot time and make things run smoother and faster.

5. Remove Junk Files

Removing junk files can also increase computer performance. Clearing out junk files frees up space, helping your computer run more efficiently. Windows includes a disk cleanup program, making it easy for PC users to remove unwanted files.

6. Cleanup Startup Items

Startup items are apps that start running as soon as you log into your computer. Startup items can make your device take forever to start. You can cleanup your startup items by using CCleaner on your PC or going into System Preferences on your Mac. Disable any apps you don’t want to start automatically at log in to keep your computer running like new.

7. Upgrade to a New Operating System

You can revive your old computer or laptop by upgrading its operating system. The operating system you choose will depend on your device, but if you have Windows Vista you can usually see an improvement in speed by upgrading to Windows 8.1.

You don’t have to get rid of your aging device. By making these seven simple system adjustments, you can increase speed and free-up memory, making your computer run like new.

– By Jessica Oaks



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