8 Apps to Keep You Connected With Summertime Fun

Published On June 10, 2015 | App & Software

Summer is here and that means lots of outside fun, summer blockbuster movies and concerts. Technology makes planning your summer activities easier than ever. Here are eight apps that you can use to make this summer the best summer ever.

1. Bandsintown Concerts (iOS & Android | FREE) – This app will help keep you informed of all the bands that come into town to play. The app suggests concerts based on your music taste, so you won’t need to mull through too many option and get right to the good stuff.

2. GasBuddy (iOS & Android | FREE) – Who has time to search for the best gas prices? You just want to load the car up and high tail it to the beach most days. The GasBuddy app will tell you where the cheapest gas prices are on your route. You’ll save some money at the pump and be able to stop for ice cream on the way home with your savings.

3. Fandango Movies (iOS & Android | FREE) – For when the heat is just too much for you and your family. Some days you just want to head to the air conditioned theater and snack on some popcorn. The Fandango app lets you browse nearby show times and ever purchase your tickets before you get to the box office.

4. Food Network In The Kitchen (iOS & Android | FREE) – When you have a ton of recipes at your fingertips, dinner is easier than ever. This app lets you view thousands of recipes. Photos and videos. Categories make it easy to select the type of meal you’d like and also includes unit converters and cooking timers.

5. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (iOS & Android | FREE) – deciding on dinner just got exciting. You use a spinner system to decide what kind of recipe you’re looking for. You select the kind of course, main ingredient, and prep time. You can even spin at random and let the app select for you.

6. SunWise UV Index (iOS & Android | $0.99) – Beat the heat and the harmful UV rays with this app that offers daily and even hourly UV index ratings based on your location.

7. iEXIT (iOS & Android | FREE)- If you’re hitting the highway on your summertime travels, you’ll want this app. iEXIT lets you enter the interstate you’re driving on and it will tell you what restaurants, gas stations, and other services are available at each exit.

8. Snapseed (iOS & Android | FREE) – you’ll definitely be taking pictures of your summer adventures, so why not download a photo editing app to make your pictures that much more exciting. This app allows you to easily adjust your photos manually or with automatic correction mechanisms. You can also use one of the app’s photo filters or borders to customize your photo.

Which apps do you use to get the most out of your summer?

– By Jennifer Thayer



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