Advantages to Using Eco-Friendly Appliances in Your Home

Published On December 5, 2012 | Green Tech

If you are searching for the latest appliances that are energy efficient, look no further than green appliances. Once you choose to go green in your kitchen, you will do your part to help minimize the amount of impact you are making on the environment. Living green does more than just protect your environment; it serves to protect you also. There are several advantages to using eco-friendly appliances.

• Tax Incentives – Depending on the different federal policies, you may qualify for a tax credit on your eco-friendly appliances. Certain states will offer you an incentive for your purchase. Incentives will fluctuate on a yearly basis, so it is best to ask a salesperson about your eligibility before you make the final purchase.

• Lower Energy Bills – An eco-friendly appliance will cost more money to purchase than that of a traditional appliance. However, it is estimated that you will use a significantly less amount of energy with a green appliance than you will with its counterpart. Even though you may have to pay a little more money for the item from the start, you will end up saving significantly in the amount of energy you spend every month. Over the course of time, you will save far more than what you invested in the new appliance.

Estimates indicate that you will more than recover your cost of a new appliance within five years or less. You could save $65 per year for operating your refrigerator alone, so you can see the savings add up for your new appliances. Using a glass cooktop over a traditional coil unit will cut your energy bills in half. Your kitchen tends to use the most energy out of any room in your entire home. Refrigerators are second to your heating and cooling system when it comes to energy usage. If you have a bunch of eco-friendly appliances, you will notice a significant amount of savings for the long term.

• Safety and Health – Many of the new eco-friendly appliances are also equipped with an array of safety and health features. Some of the green refrigerators come with their own carbon filter for the ice and water dispenser. Numerous glass stoves have a sensor built into them that help regulate the temperature of the burner and keep it below the breaking point of the surface. A gas range will often have a vent hood that helps to carry the fumes and heat from over the stove and into the outside air, which helps to leave your atmosphere inside of your kitchen clean and cool.



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