Amazon Partners With Facebook to Offer Social Gifting

Published On January 2, 2013 | Tech Business

Amazon and Facebook are both incredible powerhouses in their fields. Facebook holds immense influence with the sheer weight of social media and its impact on everyone’s daily lives. Amazon brought e-commerce to the foreground and has made it the default method of purchasing for millions of people. Now they have partnered up to create a new feature called Friends & Family Gifting.

What is Friends & Family Gifting?
Friends & Family Gifting partners up the information tracking of Facebook with the purchasing power of Amazon. It allows a user to keep track of their friends and family. As long as those friends and family members are also connected to Amazon through their Facebook accounts, they share certain pieces of critical gifting information. Specific dates, like birthdays and anniversaries, are shared for notification when they’re drawing close.

On Amazon’s side, they share gift wish lists and allow you to build a gift list for your connections. With Amazon’s wish list functionality, it’s easy to purchase a gift and have it shipped quickly and easily.

Amazon’s Hook-

The main draw for this new function of the Amazon Friends & Family Gifting is twofold. First, it allows you to keep track of upcoming occasions quickly and easily. Have a friend with a birthday coming up? Amazon will let you know and direct you to their wish list, so you don’t have to worry about gift ideas.

The second draw is that it works with more than just the user’s wish list. What happens if they don’t have a wish list, or if they don’t keep it up to date? You can build your own list of gift ideas throughout the year for anyone you care to add. Any product they mention or that you think they might like can immediately be added to a list immediately, so you don’t need to remember it until their birthday rolls around.

Facebook Shy-

Some users shy away from adding anything to Facebook. Amazon cannot draw information straight from Facebook without the user’s permission, so if they want to take advantage of the service, they need to add it. That doesn’t stop you from building a list of your own, however. You can create a list for any friend simply by adding a name and birth date for the site to keep track of. If that friend adds the application later on, it’s a simple matter to merge the two lists without losing any information.

Leveraging Amazon’s Power-

Amazon brings a lot of power to the table. Facebook integration simply makes it faster and easier to manage. Amazon already keeps track of browsing and shopping habits for their customers, which allows them to suggest products with a high degree of accuracy. With Friends & Family Gifting, they add another source of information to integrate into their algorithm, allowing for suggestions that are even more accurate with a timely relevance that comes from knowing important dates. Friends & Family Gifting is an easy step forward for Amazon with virtually no risk. It simply makes the acts of remembering important dates and shopping for gifts much easier.



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