Apps That Can Help You Prepare to Travel

Published On September 17, 2018 | App & Software

Travel can be an enriching experience that takes you to the places you have always dreamed of going. While the destination can be enlightening, getting there can be frustrating.

Many of us dream of traveling to far off destinations to take in a new culture, eat exotic cuisines or relax on exquisite beaches. However, there are often two things that hold us back – time and money. There is no doubt that traveling to far away destinations requires a lot of planning, a good budget and the time to do it. Luckily, technology is always one step ahead and there are plenty of apps available to get us to the places we want to be. Where there is an app there is a way!

Saving Money

If you plan it right apps like Skyscanner and Hopper can save you money on a plane ticket to just about anywhere. Skyscanner will give you the best prices – searching every airline and third-party website it can find. You can also adjust your settings by price or to find the shortest route and avoid long layovers giving you more time to explore your destination. If you are not sure when to buy, Hopper will predict when the time to strike is best. There is nothing worse than buying a ticket and then realizing you could have saved over $100 had you waited a week. The rabbit on the app will tell you to wait or buy now so you can rest assured you got the best deal.

If you are open to going wherever the wind…or Scotts Cheap Flights may take you, visit the website to receive amazing deals. You will receive daily email alerts letting you know what plane tickets are cheap to buy. Just let Scott do the work. The catch? You must move quickly and be flexible on where you want to go. Sometimes deals are so good they only last about 24 hours. However, if all you know is that you must and need to travel somewhere keep your heart and eyes open for some great sales.

Saving Time

Are you traveling internationally and worried about getting lost without internet access? A great trick is to download a city map prior to arrival. There are plenty of apps dedicated to this such as and Google Maps. It is simple to use. When you are creating a list of things to bring on your trip, add downloading a map of the cities you are visiting to the “to-do” list. Once a map is saved on your phone you can easily view it regardless if Wi-Fi is available to you. If you want to be really on top of things – pinpoint the places you will be visiting so you can quickly find their location and how to get there. Don’t waste time getting lost.

After long hours of travel and being stuck on a plane many of us can’t wait to get back home. However, having to stand in line at customs can cause hours of delay. Download the Mobile Pass app and skip the line. Mobile Pass is the only app approved by U.S. Customs and Border Protection that will allow to pass through customs.  It has all the same information found on an immigration card. It saves you time at customs and you won’t have to struggle to find a pen.

With these apps downloaded on your phone, the world is at your fingertips. Get out there and explore!



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