Apps That Can Help You Save Money This Holiday Season

Published On November 27, 2018 | App & Software

‘Tis the season for giving – or spending. Between gift shopping, traveling to see family and buying Christmas decorations, the holidays can cost you a fortune. It can be difficult to stick to a budget during this time of year. Thankfully, a few money-saving apps can help you cross off all the items on your family’s wish list after all. Find out which apps will help you save, budget and spend appropriately this holiday season.

Budget and Save

The key to avoid overspending is budgeting. However, keeping track of your money when you have several banking accounts and bills can be time-consuming. Tired of creating detailed budget plans? The Mint app acts like your very own, personal accountant. It will track spending from all your accounts, create your customized budget and keep you on track with your savings goals. If you get busy celebrating the holidays, it will also remind you to pay your bills. If you want to see what your money was spent on this season, Mint will show you a detailed graph of your cash flow so you can better understand where to cut back on spending. Stay on top of your money and avoid ringing in the New Year with debt.

Get Rewarded for Shopping

During the holidays, tackling crowds and long lines at the mall can feel like a second job. Don’t let all your hard work go unrewarded. Download the Shopkick app and earn points while you shop. Earn points by sharing the app with friends, making purchases or just by walking in to select stores. Don’t feel like dealing with the crowds at the mall? Not a problem. You can also use the Shopkick app for online shopping. When you earn enough points, trade them in for gift certificates to some of your favorite stores. Now you can shop, and then shop some more.

Wait to Buy

Waiting for the right opportunity to purchase can help save you money. By starting your Christmas shopping early and waiting for holiday sales, you might find some discounts. Instead of having to check coupon books and websites regularly, use the ShopAdvisor app and have the work done for you. Search and save items on ShopAdvisor and the app will track prices across thousands of online and in-store retailers. Receive a detailed status report with each item’s price history and be alerted when prices have dropped. Once you get the alert it is up to you to strike while the deal is hot.

Use Coupons

Forget sifting through junk mail to cut coupons for items on your wish-list. Don’t accidentally miss out on a good deal because you tossed it in the trash with yesterday’s newspaper. Download the RetailMeNot app and get access to thousands of coupons. With this handy app in your pocket, you can find deals in every category – beauty, electronics and toys. If you walk into a store, this app will let you know what is on sale nearby. Let RetailMeNot help you strike a bargain this holiday season.

Spread the Christmas joy this season without breaking the bank. With the right app, budget and planning you may just ring in the new year with more than some change to spare.



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