Apps That Make Your Photos Instagram-Worthy

Published On October 30, 2018 | App & Software

If we don’t have photo evidence of the things we do, did it really happen?

From the food we eat to the dogs we pet, every moment is a photo-shoot opportunity. However, it’s not what we are snapping that matters, but how well we snap it. Good quality cameras can be expensive. Even more, they may not be a priority if photography isn’t your job. Luckily, high-quality photos can still be snapped with the right app on your phone. Whether you need a filter or a little sharpening, you can find what you need in your smart phone’s app store.

Apps That Fix

Ever wish you had a photo editor in the palm of your hand? Now you do. Adobe Photoshop is now available on mobile devices. Download the Photoshop Express app for free on the iPhone or Android. Tools range from easy to advanced so it’s perfect for beginners and photo-experts alike. Best of all, you can transfer the app to your desktop for additional practice when you’re at home. Photoshop Express allows you to resize images, add text, and use other tools found on the desktop program. Easily fix photos while on-the-go so that they always look picture-perfect.

Apps That Enhance

You have the perfect pose, the perfect background and perfect the angle but you can’t seem to take the focus off the blemish on your nose. Don’t let great photos go to waste over a few tiny bumps. Give yourself a virtual makeover with Facetune. This app will allow you to whiten your teeth, smooth over your wrinkles, and rid of unwanted blemishes. If the camera didn’t get your best angle, Facetune has you covered. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices for under six dollars. A small price to pay for a flawless selfie.

Apps That Make Creating Collages Easy

Back in the day, creating a collage required a lot of time (and art supplies). Now, you can create a collage in minutes. Apps like PicStitch let you easily create beautiful collages of your favorite photos. With over 245 layouts and a library of editing tools, you can make your photos stand out. Pick your favorite shots, arrange them on your template, and share them on your social media platforms. It’s as simple as that.

Apps That Transform

Do you want your photos to stand out as works of art? Prisma is a photo-editing app that transforms your ordinary photos into paintings. The app has more than 800 art filters – some even inspired by history’s greatest artists such as Picasso and Munk. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can turn your photograph into a piece of art. If you have the heart of an artist and the mind for technology, this app is perfect for you. No paint or brush required.

Before you decide to share your next photo on social media, consider downloading an app to help boost your Instagram game. Play around with filters and editing tools until you get a picture-perfect photograph. If a photo is what matters in today’s world, then make yours stand out.



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