Apps to Monitor Your Children’s Data Usage

Published On August 21, 2013 | App & Software

In this digital age, more and more kids are glued to their smartphones. The Internet is a big world and there are many things not suitable for young children. At least 77 percent of parents have admitted to checking which websites their child has viewed. While computer usage should be monitored directly with small children, it’s not always possible with older ones who have their own devices.

Fear not, there are now apps that can monitor and limit Internet usage for you as well as allot and distribute a child’s time on a device to reading, games, and homework. Check out these apps for monitoring and managing your child’s device usage.

Monitor Social Networking

  • SafetyWeb provides a summary report of the social network sites that your child has accounts with. It provides the information and pictures your child shares. Additionally, the site will let you know if any of the information is negative.
  • SocialShield is a program that checks your children’s online friends against 50 databases to make sure their friends aren’t involved with prohibited activities. This program will also alert you if your child chats about sex, violence, or suicide.
  • Security companies Symantec and Trend Micro make computer software that detects when a child tried to visit a blocked site or created a new social network.
  • Infoglide released a tool called MinorMonitor which scans a child’s Facebook page for signs of trouble.

Limiting Web Freedom

  • NetNanny allows you to block explicit material from your computer.
  • Apple’s mobile operating system allows parents to lock their toddler into one activity on an iPad.

Monitor Texting

  • CellSafety is an app that stops texting and driving, sends speed alerts, creates no texting zones (school), location history, and blocks unwanted websites.
  • A text message application called textPlus will send duplicate texts to parents. It is available for the iPhone.

Monitor Web Activity

  • IamBigBrother 9.0 monitors emails, chats, instant messages, and visited websites on a computer.
  • PC Pandora is another monitoring program that also captures login names and passwords.

Control and Distribute Usage

  • Parental controls are present on the iPhone to disable application downloads, texting, or Internet usage.
  • Apply passwords to enter the app store or purchase anything.
  • Game Time Limit for Parents is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod app that monitors and limits the time your child spends playing games.
  • The Amazon app Freetime is compatible with the new Kindle. This app allows parents to create individualized profiles for each child. They choose the books, apps, games, and videos. Parents can also set individualized time limits for different types of content.

Now you won’t have to worry about how much Minecraft your son is actually playing, who you child is chatting with online, or what videos your daughter is posting on YouTube. What’s more, you’ll feel at ease that your children’s Internet escapades are a little safer.

— By Ashley Pfeffer

Ashley is a Navy wife and a mom who enjoys crafting, blogging, taking pictures, and spending time with family and friends. Visit her blog at



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