Apps You Better Have on Your Mobile Device Before You Go Holiday Shopping

Published On December 10, 2014 | App & Software

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping by now you’re probably starting your list and searching for the best deals. Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you’re snagging the best discount. Prepare yourself for the competitive shopping mayhem this holiday season. Check out these apps that will help your online and in-store holiday shopping be as productive as possible.

PeeqPeeq (iOS)

Need a little organization in your junk mail? All too often we end up ignoring our junk mailbox up until the holiday season rolls around and it’s filled to the brim with hundreds of emails. How will you sort through them all? PeeqPeeq organizes your promotional ads and compiles them into a catalog. You can organize your mail into categories, bookmark an ad, or text/email an ad to a friend.

Chameleon (iOS)

Be a smart shopper with this app. Chameleon will tell you which isle the item is on, price scan, and check inventory in the back.

The Christmas List (iOS) or Christmas Gift List (Android)

Looking for a smart holiday shopping list manager? These apps create separate groups, organizes prices, budgets, and tracks your progress.

PoachIt (iOS and Android)

Want to be notified when a wish list item goes on sale? Let this app track a product, tell you when it goes on sale, and even give you coupon codes.

Raise (iOS)

Looking to save even more money on your sale item? Download various gift cards at a discount, sell gift cards and store credit for cash, and add credit cards to your account for fast checkout.

RedLaser (iOS and Android)

Looking for the best deal? This app will not disappoint you discount-shoppers. When you’re at a store, scan the item’s barcode and RedLaser will list that items prices at all of the nearby stores. You can search through the list and find the store that is offering the item at the best deal.

ShopAdvisor (iOS and Android)

Want to skip all the price research needed to find the best deal? Use this app to do all the work for you. Scan the barcode of a wish list item and this app will store the item in your “watch list” and notify you when it goes on sale. It will also tell you which store is selling it for cheaper.

ShopKick (iOS and Android)

With all the shopping you’ll be doing this holiday season, you might as well be getting rewards for it. This app will reward you for walking into a store, making purchases, and window shopping. You’ll get “kicks” for these actions and you can redeem them for gift certificates.

SnipSnap (iOS and Android)

Tired of carrying around a ton of paper coupons you’ve cut out from magazines and newspapers. Eliminate the bulk by storing all of your coupons on your smartphone. This app lets you snap a photo of your coupon and store it. You can also browse the coupons of other users.

These apps are sure to help you navigate your holiday shopping this year.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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