‘Are We There Yet?!’ The Best Apps to Keep Kids Entertained While Traveling

Published On May 22, 2013 | App & Software

Keeping young ones entertained while traveling can be a chore within itself. Thankfully, parents can download some fun and educational apps to keep the kids from crying “I’m bored!” or “Are we there yet?!” every five minutes.

Whether driving, flying, or taking a train on vacation, travelers will need to occupy young children for at least a few hours. By downloading some fun and educational apps on a smartphone or tablet, parents can guarantee the trip will be a little more peaceful. Who knows, the kids may even learn a few things along the way.


While it’s not necessarily the most educational app, it is one of the most popular. Minecraft allows players to build constructions by creating and breaking apart 3D blocks. Players also get to explore and gather resources while being creative and maintaining their health and hunger. Intended for ages four and up.

Download the free, demo version from iTunes and Google Play. The full version is $6.99, also available from iTunes and Google Play.

Google Earth

This is a great app for kids to use when on long car trips as it allows them to follow along the route while reading their “map.” They can explore anywhere on Earth from distant countries to their own hometown. It’s best for ages four and up.

Download Google Earth for free iTunes, Google Play or from its mobile site.

Dexteria Jr.

Little kids need a distraction on long car rides most of all, and Dexteria Jr. will do just that. This game is great for those just starting to use touch screens as it utilizes the child’s maturing fine motor skills. Aimed at ages two to five.

Dexteria Jr. is available for $2.99 at iTunes.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD

Om Nom continues his travels in this newest version of Cut the Rope. This time, he travels back in time to feed candy to his ancestors. This game is full of great physics-based action and intended for ages four and up.

For $2.99, users can download Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD from iTunes, and for 99 cents, they can get it from Google Play.

Toca Hair Salon 2

This game lets kids create their very own hair salon by cutting and styling their character’s hair anyway they want. Spike a mohawk or spray the hair bright green; it’s all OK in this salon. Meant for ages four and up.

Find Toca Hair Salon 2 for $1.99 at iTunes.

Stack the States

This is another great way to have fun and learn the 50 states. Kids can identify states and stack them to earn points. This game was voted “Best Kids App for iPad!” at the Best App Ever Awards. Intended for ages four and up.

Download Stack the States for 99 cents from iTunes.

With these apps downloaded, traveling is a whole lot easier for kids and their parents. How do you and your family pass the time while traveling during summer or other times of the year?

– By Jennifer Thayer 



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