Are You Smarter Than a Refrigerator?

Published On October 22, 2013 | Electronics, Tech Business

Remember when all your refrigerator could do was keep things cold? Or that time you had to rush home from work because you were scared you may have left the stove on? Well, those situations are becoming a thing of the past with the advent of “Smart” appliances.

More and more, even the most mundane appliances and home electronics are coming equipped with automated technology and customizable features. In fact, according to Pike Research, smart appliances will be a $26.1 billion market by 2019.

So now, your TV is no longer just a TV, your dryer can self-regulate and your refrigerator can actually help you plan dinner.

Here are some of today’s top smart household devices.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs make watching television an experience, instead of a passive activity. These TVs give you access to thousands of videos and games and can be used to stream photos and music and even run video chat with apps like Skype. Smart TVs also incorporate social media so you can tweet about what’s happening during your favorite show or see what your friends may be saying.

They also add a touch of personalization, suggesting new television shows and movies based on what you already watch. Don’t worry if you lost the remote in the couch again, many Smart TVs work with voice activation or hand motions so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Some of the top smart TV picks include the LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart Hub and Toshiba Cloud TV.

Smart Refrigerators

With the growth of smart technology, refrigerators are now doing a lot more to help make sure your food doesn’t spoil. Products like LG’s Smart ThinQ™ Refrigerator let you use a touch screen in the door to create a grocery list and wirelessly transmit it to your phone. These refrigerators also keep track of inventory and notify you when something is about to expire. Most importantly, excellent temperature control features help make sure your food stays fresher, longer. As an added bonus, many of these appliances are energy efficient, which puts more money in your pocket.

Smart Washers and Dryers

Most major appliance companies have come out with their own version of smart washers and dryers. These appliances sync up to your smart phone so that you can start or stop the washer and dryer at any time. Whirpool’s Vantage Washer features a touch screen and even offers suggestions on how to get out difficult stains.

Smart Toilets

While they’re a bit less common than other Smart appliances, Smart toilets can make your bathroom experience more pleasant. For example, The Satis by LIXIL features an automatic toilet seat, automatic flushing and cleansing, and even an embedded speaker for music while you’re on the throne. Though it may seem like an unnecessary splurge, the smart toilet’s sensors actually control water usage and can ultimately help you save on your utility bill.

— By Tim Alan



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