Avoid a Parent’s Worst Nightmare: Losing Your Child

Published On August 7, 2013 | Electronics

Summer is winding and school is almost back in session. Parents are cramming in as much fun time as possible. Amusement parks, the beach, museums, and splash parks are all hot spots for summer fun in the sun. With popular locations comes crowds and lines. A parent’s worst nightmare is to lose their child while out and about. These apps and gadgets will help you track your child so that, in the event of them wandering off, you’ll be able to find them again quickly.


Family Locator by Sprint Nextel

This service enables parents to use their cell phone to pinpoint the location of their child’s mobile phone. This is perfect for trips to amusement parks. Older kids can separate and parents can know exactly where they are.


This GPS locator phone can track the location of the user from any computer. There is also an emergency number that instantly connects to 911. This is a great first-time cell phone for kids because it also has three speed dials and 20 programmable numbers.



SmartWear and Radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies are selling tags that parents can sew to their children’s clothing or wear has an embedded wristband. Parents can keep track of their child’s movement from up to 600 feet away. This is a good option for trips to parks and smaller areas.

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator

This set can be purchased for $25 and comes with two pieces: a teddy bear shaped device, which goes on your child’s ankle or wrist, and a keychain transmitter. If you lose your child, you just hit a button on your transmitter and your child’s anklet will produce a loud screeching sound so that you can find them.


This is a small device that can be placed in your child’s backpack. Parents can use their smartphone or computer to check their child’s location. Parents can even create “safe” zones that will alert the parent when the device leaves these areas. This device also monitors the speed of the car your child is riding in.


Life360 Family Locator

Instead of giving older kids a separate GPS device, make sure they install this app on their iPhone or Android and you can use it to track them on their smartphone. This application puts your family members onto a map and shows key places like hospitals, police stations, and the homes of registered sex offenders. The best part about this app is that it is free.


This is a GPS tracking device that works with an iOS and Android app. It features real-time tracking, alerts, speed limit alerts in cars, and safe zone designations. Just place the small device in your child’s pocket or backpack and you’ll feel at ease.

While these apps and gadgets do provide a sense of security, remember to always keep an eye on your children. Avoid them being lost in the first place by dressing them in bright colors, holding their hand, and planning a meeting place in the event of separation.

— By Ashley Pfeffer

Ashley is a Navy wife and a mom who enjoys crafting, blogging, taking pictures, and spending time with family and friends. Visit her blog at http://twoundertwoblog.wordpress.com/.



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