Best Airports and Airlines for Tech Travelers

Published On August 13, 2015 | Electronics

As tech devices become increasingly integrated into our lives, many travelers are looking to stay connected in the air and at the airport. Whether you’re bringing along your tech devices for business or entertainment, you may want to consider these top ranking airports and airlines for keeping passengers connected while traveling to your next destination.

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is a tech traveler’s paradise. This airport offers free Wi-Fi and free use of the airport’s computers. There’s even a movie theater which plays free movies and an entertainment deck offering a variety of video-game consoles. With so much to offer, you might not want to leave the airport!

Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport

Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport offers paid Wi-Fi through T-Mobile and many Internet kiosks and work desks to keep you connected while you wait for your flight. By partnering with Samsung, Dallas Ft. Worth now offers work stations with power outlets, mobile travel lounges, and 64 charging stations.

Munich Airport

Munich Airport offers free computer stations and free Wi-Fi so passengers can keep up with email and other online tasks. There are also InfoGate counters which allow travelers to print tickets, maps, or even speak to airport staff for personalized assistance.

Detroit Metro Airport

The North Terminal of Detroit Metro Airport was built only three years ago. Tech devices were already widespread and designers of the North Terminal kept this in mind. Each gate of the North Terminal has about seven power outlets so travelers can charge their devices between flights. Southwest has even installed charging stations and USB ports between many of the chairs at its gates. Wi-Fi is available at Detroit Metro Airport and is provided by Boingo.

Sacramento International Airport

Sacramento International Airport’s recently completed Terminal B was designed with mobile device users in mind. Terminal B is filled with over 140 tables, each with two USB ports and two-plug outlets. This terminal has over 600 outlets and over 900 USB ports. Wi-Fi is free in Terminals A and B.

Now that you know which airports to fly, you need to know which airlines to book. Many airlines are offering Wi-Fi and streaming but here are our top picks:

Virgin America

Virgin America stands apart from other airlines in that Wi-Fi is available on every plane. Plus, Virgin America’s Wi-Fi is fast. Virgin America uses Gogo ATG-4 which will only get faster when Virgin switches to Gogo’s 2Ku service. You can enjoy Wi-Fi access on your next Virgin America flight for $5.00 per hour or $16.00 for the day.


Southwest offers gate-to-gate Wi-Fi which is great for layovers. Southwest uses satellite-based Ku-band Wi-Fi. This provides pretty solid service and won’t cut out when flying over water. You can access Wi-Fi on your Southwest next flight for only $8.00 a day. Southwest also offers television and music streaming on its Wi-Fi enabled flights.


Delta offers Gogo ATG Wi-Fi service and is in the process of upgrading to ATG-4, but also offers the even faster 2Ku service on certain flights. Delta will be upgrading all of its flights to 2Ku by the end of the year. The Delta 24 Hour Wi-Fi Pass gives you full unlimited internet access on Delta flights and can even be used for multiple flights in a 24 hour time period, making it perfect for passengers with connecting flights. Delta also offers free in-flight streaming of the latest movies and TV shows.

By booking a flight on a tech savvy airline and flying in or out of a well-connected airport, you won’t have to be without the use of your tech devices. Don’t wait, book your next flight today!

– By Jennifer Thayer



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