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Published On September 10, 2014 | App & Software

Hey there, sports fans! Fall has arrived and that means you now have more of an excuse to eat wings and guzzle beers on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It’s the best time of year for any sports fan as they get to enjoy football, baseball, basketball, racing and more. So stay on top of your game with the following apps perfect for sports fans.

ESPN SportsCenter

In the name of all that is good and holy, let ESPN SportsCenter be your bible for sports. This is your source for live scores, instant play-by-play updates, video highlights, in-depth analysis and the latest news in the world of sports. Additionally, personalized alerts revolve around your favorite teams and players. You’re not a real sports fan if you don’t have the ESPN SportsCenter app – this is the one bandwagon you should actually jump on if you haven’t already.

Yahoo Fantasy Football & More

Fantasy Football makes the NFL season even more exciting than it already is. The Yahoo Fantasy Football & More application makes it super easy to manage your team and roster – crucial for Sundays when it’s games galore. Best of all, use it for talking smack to the other “managers” you’re playing against. At the Ballpark

The World Series is just around the corner which means ballpark attendance is up. To make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible, use the At the Ballpark app. It stores your digital ticket for ease of access, is filled with ballpark offers and rewards, and includes maps to find your way around the stadium. You can even order food and beverages from your seat at select parks plus, find relevant team statistics and video highlights from each game.

NBA Game Time

The sport with a ridiculously long season needs a ridiculously on-point app. NBA Game Time keeps you on the ball all nine months long, as well as during the off-season “break” too. The app includes basketball essentials like schedules, live streaming of press conferences, recaps, stats, news, scores and social feeds.

ESPN College Football

Students can get in school spirit and graduates can be proud of their alma mater when they have the ESPN College Football app to kick off the academic year. Get hyped viewing game previews and reading curated tweets from fans all over the nation, and maintain further engagement and college pride watching recaps and highlights.


Motor Racing has a niche, but the fan base calls for a dedicated app to track fan-favorite speed devils. The NASCAR MOBILE app provides information on race events and is powered by GPS-driven data that updates every five seconds, keeping you in the loop with which racers are on top of the leaderboard.

Golf Channel Mobile

Need your golf fix but don’t have time to witness how all 18 holes go down? Get the Golf Channel Mobile app to read up on your favorite player and analysis, receive breaking tournament news, and watch the latest shows and behind-the-scenes videos. The well-rounded app is a true hole-in-one.

With so many sports happening this fall and lots of balls flying in the air, be a champion in every arena. By downloading this list of free, must-get apps catered to sports fans everywhere, you’re all set for a winning season.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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