Best Budgeting Apps to Get Your Finances in Order

Published On June 25, 2014 | App & Software

It’s hot, you’re sweaty and you’re feeling spendy – this must mean it is officially summertime. ‘Tis the season of weddings, vacations, rooftop brunches, baseball games and giving the economy a boost with your hard-earned cash. Here are the best budgeting apps made for fellow fun-havers like yourself:


Mint’s philosophy says it all, “Money is for Living” – so live it up by housing your finances all in one place. Add checking, banking, retirement and investment accounts to the app and it will automatically pull in and categorize your transactions visually. Create a financial plan designed around your routine, and stay in the loop with alerts and billing reminders that make easy budgeting a positive lifestyle habit.

Money by Jumsoft

Shelling out cash can get ugly, but not with the do-it-all, straightforward and stylish Money app by Jumsoft. Highlights feature convenient income and expense tracking for multiple account types, multi-currency support, budget planning, a smart scheduler with automatic payment capability, and advanced reports for complex finances.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

There are times in life when you think you have more money than you actually do (that “champagne taste on a beer budget” kind of thing), however, You Need A Budget tells it how it is, getting you back to reality. You may have good intentions, but when your budget didn’t include a trip to the ER or that accidental round of $16 cocktails in Vegas, this app has a real-time interface that shows you what needs to happen now, so you’ll be fully equipped to make informed spending decisions on what’s to come.


Essentially an electronic checkbook, MoneyWise is a user-friendly app that tracks daily expenses and cash flow. Categorizing and speedy filtering are a necessity for busy bees and this app does just that, utilizing tags and categories to classify expenses in groups like Private/Work, Cash/Credit and Projects. Additionally, MoneyWise supports all currencies of the world, perfect for those bit by the travel bug.

Level Money

Money complicates everything, until you have the Level Money app. This app organizes your funds in three bubbles that show the amount of money you are allotted for today, the week and the rest of the month. If you prefer to forego more elaborate financing apps, Level Money gets down to the basics so you can see quick and easy, when you’re about to burst your bank’s bubble.


BillGuard not only manages money, but also watches out for any fraudulent or erroneous activity and informs you immediately of it. The app gets smarter every time you swipe, and searches the web for coupons that help lower bills based on your spending patterns, thus giving you the personalization and peace of mind that your money matters are safe.

Bonus: Venmo

Between going out to eat, drinking, hotels and traveling, Venmo is ideal for social butterflies. Although not technically considered a budgeting app, it can directly assist with financial qualms by allowing you to transfer and receive money on the spot. A supplementary social media component where friends can post entertaining descriptions upon currency exchange, keeps awkward, “do you think you could pay me back” moments to a minimum.

Don’t let being strapped for cash bog you down from having the best summer. By downloading one of these top finance apps, you’re guaranteed to have some stress-free fun in the sun.

– By Jennifer Thayer



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