Best Gadgets to Take Outdoors This Summer

Published On July 2, 2014 | Electronics

Now that summer’s finally here, it’s time to get outside and have some fun. Though some people may see getting outdoors as a way to disconnect and unplug from technology, there are many gadgets on the market that can help enhance your summer adventures. These awesome gadgets will help you make the most of summer get-togethers.

Put Some Life in Your Party with Wireless Speakers

Every backyard party or summer barbecue needs music. Wireless speakers allow you to stream your favorite playlist anywhere. When it comes to wireless speakers, it’s generally worth investing a few extra bucks as the more expensive models tend to have better clarity and richness of sound.

Jawbone’s  Big Jambox model offers big sound in a small package (it’s only 10 inches long and 3.6 inches tall) with no annoying docks or plugs and is capable of playing for 15 hours on a single charge. For those looking for a wireless speaker with major bass, Peachtree Audio Deepblue is the winner. Deepblue delivers clear, rich sounds thanks to its five speaker design. All five speakers are housed within a single unit to provide a full range of tones.

UE Boom blasts huge sound in a small, colorful, cylinder package. The cylinder shape of the Boom allows for 360 degree sound, perfect for camping or any outdoor shindig. You can even link two Boom speakers with the UE Boom app for stereo sound.

Capture Beach Memories with Waterproof Cameras

Waterproof cameras are great for summer days lazing at the pool or snorkeling on vacation. You can capture some amazing moments underwater with these top waterproof cameras. The Panasonic Lumix TS5 offers great image quality both below and above water. The Lumix TS5 is waterproof up to 43 feet and can withstand a beating—it’s crushproof up to 250 pounds and can withstand 6.5 foot drop.

Canon also offers a great option for waterproof cameras with the PowerShot D30. The PowerShot D30 is waterproof up to 82 feet and takes awesome underwater pictures and video.

Stay Connected with Tablets

Tablets are one of the most versatile gadgets—acting as a camera, game system, or eReader. You can pack a tablet to keep the kids occupied on a long car ride to your next summer adventure or take it to the beach to enjoy a relaxing read. The Apple iPad, including the iPad Air and Mini, is the leading tablet, offering a beautiful design and is extremely user friendly and intuitive.

Samsung offers the Galaxy Tab S and Galaxy Note Pro for Android fans. For those looking for a simple, basic tablet at a good price, the Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ is about as basic as you can get and only costs about $179.99.

This summer, bring family and friends together over a good food, good music, and good times. Tech gadgets can help add to these memories or preserve them. Share your favorite music, stream your playlist over a wireless speaker, take pictures in a pool, or spend time relaxing with a good book. These outdoor gadgets are the perfect way to make the most of your summer.

– By Jessica Oaks



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