Best Third-Party Insurance Plans for Your Mobile Device

Published On November 7, 2013 | Mobile, Tech Business

Have you ever declined an insurance plan for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, only to end up wrecking it a few days later? Even if you haven’t ruined your new smartphone or tablet, you may be having second thoughts about opting out of mobile device insurance.

Never fear, third-party insurance providers are available to help protect your investment when you fail to get coverage when you buy your smartphone or tablet. Here are some of the best third-party insurance plans for your mobile devices.


With plans starting at $59 per year for iPhones and $57 per year for other smartphone devices, GoCare is a great choice for device insurance. Along with a low deductible of $50 per claim, GoCare offers coverage for phones of any age, as long as the phone is fully functional with no previous repair work. Plans cover water damage, normal wear and tear and accidental damage. GoCare only offers one phone replacement, but claims for repairs are unlimited.


SquareTrade insurance plans begin at $7.99 per month for iPhones and $6.99 per month for other smartphones. The deductible for iPhone replacement is $50 and $99 for other smartphones. SquareTrade offers insurance plans for a wide range of devices, including tablets, laptops and cameras and will even insure older phones. Smartphone plans cover mechanical malfunctions, display failures and even help protect against costly water damage and drops.


Though Asurion plan costs and options differ amongst service providers, Asurion is best known for providing overnight replacement of damaged devices. Asurion plans cover accidental damage and even loss and theft. Coverage with Asurion also allows you to remotely lock a stolen or lost phone so you can protect your private information. Asurion also offers plans to cover car chargers and those expensive ear buds, and other accessories.

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble plans begin at $7.99 a month with a deductible of $120 for iPhones and $100 for other smartphones. Protect Your Bubble offers coverage against water damage, mechanical problems and accidental damage from dropping your device. Protect Your Bubble offers coverage against loss and theft, but has the added benefit of credit monitoring in the event of theft. This way, you can make sure your information isn’t being used to make unauthorized purchases or open accounts fraudulently after your device containing sensitive personal information is stolen.

Geek Squad

Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers plans as low as $14.99 per month, but actual costs depend on your device. There is even a two-year coverage plan for $229.98, which amounts to about $130 savings over the monthly rate. All Geek Squad coverage is free of deductibles and plans cover accidental damage including drops and liquid damage and even include one-time battery and accessory replacement.

In order to qualify for Geek Squad coverage, you must purchase your device from Best Buy.

Smartphone or tablet damage can happen at any time.

You never know when your pricey smartphone, tablet or other mobile device may fall from your hands or slip out of your pocket. If you’ve turned down your provider’s insurance coverage offer, it’s not too late to help protect your investment with third-party insurance plans, which can save you money and protect your personal information in the event of theft.

– By Stephanie Willingham

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