Best Travel Gadgets for Your Trip

Published On November 14, 2013 | Electronics

The holiday season is nearly upon us and that means busting out your suitcase for family trips, holiday gatherings, and impromptu getaways. But this year, don’t forget to include the newest in electronic travel gear on your packing list to make your journey stress-free, keep your devices powered, and your trip fun.

With everything from headphones to portable entertainment devices, we’ve got you covered in this round up of the latest and greatest gadgets for smooth travels in the coming months.


The latest crop of noise-cancelling headphones will turn the screaming baby in the airplane row behind you into blissful symphony. From the large, cushioned variety to the more compact, high-tech in-ear buds, noise-cancelling headphones are well worth the investment to keep your eardrums and sanity intact when travelling.

Power Up

Keep your electronics running on the go with this season’s newest selection of portable power centers for smartphones, tablet, laptops, and more. No more worrying about finding an outlet at the train station; the latest versions come with plugs to fit nearly every model of laptop or USB device, making them universal charging stations you can take with you on land, sea, and air.

Best of all, the plugs are spring-loaded, so they neatly pop back into place to be thrown into your suitcase. Some external smartphone batteries also offer quick-charge mode, so you can juice up the spare battery in no time.

Stay Entertained

Wherever your travels take you, be prepared with your own on-demand entertainment. Portable game consoles equipped with motion sensors and video storage, tiny MP3 players, Wi-Fi-enabled e-readers featuring e-ink displays, and all-in-one tablets remain the go-to gadgets for savvy travelers this year.

The newest fleet of entertainment devices are lighter, slimmer, and more portable than years past, with vivid screens and long-lasting batteries. Delayed flight? Bring it on.

Safety First

As any smart traveler knows, a safe trip is a happy trip. Invest in a notebook lock to keep your laptop from running off while you pick up your latte from the counter.

Say What?

Foreign travel is exhilarating, but when the language barrier is simply too much, these nifty gadgets will have you communicating with the locals in no time. Basic translating devices are available at nearly every price point.

The newest in translating gear are real-time translators that allow you to speak into a small box in your native tongue and it will instantly repeat back your words in the foreign language. These powerful translators require a smartphone or tablet data connection and let you choose from dozens of languages, have headphone jacks for private translating, and fit in your pocket with room to spare.

Bring Home the Memories

From deeper-than-ever underwater cameras to one-touch camcorders and tiny point-and-shoots that sync right to your social media account, you’ll be making your friends jealous in no time with a double whammy of gadget-lust and trip-envy. And with higher resolution and more megapixels in tiny, throw-in-your-bag sizes, your professional-quality pictures will create memories that last a lifetime.

Free up some space in your luggage, because well-prepared travelers know that these days bringing along the latest in travel technology is just as important as the extra-pair-of-socks wisdom from days of old. With a top-notch arsenal of travel gadgets, you’ll be ready for any bumps in the road.

What are some of your favorite travel gadgets?

— By Jennifer Thayer



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