CES 2014: It’s All About Cars, Wearable Tech and Other Slick Gadgets

Published On January 9, 2014 | Tech Business

Every January, thousands of people flock to Las Vegas for one specific reason, but the only thing they’re gambling on is which cool new technology gadgets are going to be big in the coming year.

This week, the Consumer Electronics Show has Sin City whipped into a frenzy over wearable technology like smart watches and Google Glass, cameras that look retro but take amazing digital pics and smart appliances for the home, like a refrigerator that will text you when you’re out of milk.

From the practical to the insane (seriously, a barbecue grill that lets you know when it’s time to flip your meat?!), CES is a technology lover’s dream.

Check out CNN’s photo wrap up of some CES highlights or read Mashable’s take on the best products of CES 2014.

Are you attending CES in Las Vegas? If so, let us know what you’re seeing that is blowing your mind. If you’re not at CES but are a technology fan, what new gadgets and products will be on your 2014 technology wish list?

– By Tim Alan



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