Child’s Play: The Best Video Game Consoles for Kids

Published On February 18, 2015 | Gaming

Gone are the days of tag, red rover, riding bikes, and playing outside until the street lights came on. The games kids want today have more to do with remote controls, video game consoles, open worlds, role playing, and strategy games. If you’re looking for an age appropriate video game console for your children then check out these kid-friendly systems.

Nintendo Wii U

If you’re worried about your kids sitting around on the couch all day playing video games then you should check out the Wii U. This console is equipped with tons of motion-controlled games that will have them spending less time on their butts and more time on their feet. This is the first Nintendo console to support high-definition graphics. Your child will be able to use the existing Wii controllers as well as the new GamePad. The concept and design of this system is geared more towards kids with much more kid-friendly game options.

Wii U Games rated E for Everyone

Mario Party 10 – Your child will play mini-games in this new version of the classic game.

Mario Kart 8 – Have your kids race their friends or you in this racing circuit game.

Super Smash Bros – If you child likes fighting games, but you’d like less violence and gore than the current games out there, then try this fun fighting game with all their favorite characters.

PlayStation 3

Take your video gaming experience one step further with this game console. The images are crisp and all PS3 games are high definition. You can even ditch your old DVD player when you buy this system. It doubles as an entertainment center with capability to play music, view photos, and watch Blu-Ray DVDs. You can even purchase the PlayStation Move Motion Controller and Eye Camera to play motion-activated games.

PS3 Games rated E for Everyone

Madden 12 – This game is for the football lover in your house. The crisp picture and hi-def graphics make your child feel like they are really in the game and Dad may join in too.

Carnival Island – This game is compatible with PlayStation Move. Your whole family can enjoy the 32 carnival games and attractions.

Nintendo 3DS

This portable gaming console is perfect for your on-the-go kids and it is considerably less money than the larger consoles. No need for 3D glasses with this console. It also features a touchscreen pad on the bottom and a high-resolution screen on the top. Other DS options include the DSI or DSI XL

Xbox 360 with Kinect

This is another great console that challenges kids to use their whole bodies to play video games. Kinect works without a controller as well.

Xbox 360 Games rated E for Everyone

Disneyland Adventures – Planning a trip to Disneyland can be expensive, so why not bring Disneyland to your house. Your kids can discover the park, explore attractions, meet the characters, and unlock rewards.

Disney Infinity – This video game allows your child to play with their favorite Disney characters in an interactive universe.

With so many great options available, which gaming console will you chose for your family?

– By Jennifer Thayer



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