Christmas Shopping Apps to Get You Through the Holidays

Published On December 12, 2013 | App & Software

With as many as 140 million people beginning their holiday shopping over Thanksgiving, according to the National Retail Federation, holiday shopping can be more than hectic. Between circulars, sales, and online offers, it can be downright unnerving. Fortunately, there are apps available to help simplify the Christmas shopping experience.

Bargain Hunting

If you prefer shopping in person, then you have probably cut out and carried your share of coupons. You may have even experienced misplacing them. If so, worry no more. With RetailMeNot, you can find the best deals and simply show the coupon on your phone. No more need to cut and carry your coupons.

Shopular is another great way to take advantage on in-person shopping. The free app will send you coupons for nearby store, based on your location. Coupons are updated daily, so you’ll always be getting the best deals.

If you simply want to find out if the item you’re eyeing is available for a better price elsewhere, ShopSavvy is for you. Simply scan in an item’s bar code and ShopSavvy will tell you if another store is selling it for less. The free appt also enables you to make lists of items you want and see those your friends are recommending.

If that’s all too complicated, there is always Groupon, Google Offers, and NoMoreRack. They all offer big savings for popular products, services, and events, and allow you the freedom to shop when and where you want.


If you know what you want but lack the resources to keep it organized, there are apps for that, too. The Christmas List is a user-friendly app that helps track shopping progress. You can set a budget, make a list, and organize it store by store. The Christmas List, available for iOS for a fee, will keep you from putting off your shopping until the last minute.

Similarly, Santa’s Bag is designed to help you manage receipts, lists, and your budget by allowing you to create gift profiles by selecting contacts from your phone or Facebook profile. You can literally save each recipient’s favorite store and clothing size. And if checking an item off your to-do list isn’t specific enough, you can track the status of each gift you’ve bought, wrapped, and given. Santa’s Bag is available for iOS.

If the problem is that you just don’t know what to get, Jifity can help. With the click of a button, you can send a customizable gift to your friend’s inbox so that they can choose the size or color of the gift you sent them, or choose something different altogether. With dozens of stores available, including Barnes & Noble, Brookstone, and Williams-Sonoma, Jifity, makes it easier than ever to buy gifts that can be redeemed online or in-store. The app is available for free on iOS and Android.


If you don’t need an app to serve as a personal assistant, but simply need more time to shop, many popular stores now offer their own apps to allow you to shop from your phone. There are entire catalogs at your disposal, and coupon savings as well.

With so many Christmas shopping apps available, there’s no reason why you should fear tackling your Christmas list. These apps will save you time, money, and travel time, it’s literally possible to shop on-the-go while sitting at home.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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