Coachella’s Food Lineup & the Apps to Get You There

Published On April 5, 2013 | App & Software

With Coachella’s first weekend looming near, fans all over the country are starting to get a little antsy. It’s time to start packing bags, picking outfits, arranging rides and preparing for a three-day desert extravaganza. Aside from the banging music and endless art within the festival grounds, there’s also something else you have to explore: Coachella’s impressive assortment or eateries. Partying all day under the sun and sleeping on the dirt will inevitably lead you to go on a serious hunt for grub, so here are a few apps that will help you figure out what’s good to chow down on.

Fuel Inside the Fest

As usual, Coachella is a supporter of eating clean and going green. The recently announced list of food vendors attending this year’s festival promises Earth-friendly and delicious food for all taste buds. Pick up refreshing fruits at the Certified Organic Farmer’s Market, grab a quick meal at one of the food trucks or sit down for a nice dinner at The Cantina restaurant, all located within the festival’s borders. To keep up with the full list of food vendors and their locations within the festival, download the Official Coachella App from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The centrally located food and beverage area, otherwise known as “The Terrace,” is a good place to start your search for food. This area serves the finest foods Coachella has to offer, from local Indio restaurants like Ruth Chris Steak House to Las Casuelas Quinta, Taiwanese Baohaus and LA favorite: Pink’s Chili Dogs. Other vendors serve woodfired pizza, organic salads and waffle ice cream sandwiches. Coachella also recently announced that this year’s Terrace will include a beer garden. Vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free options will be available as well.

As mentioned earlier, Roc’s firehouse is bringing The Cantina Restaurant into the festival grounds this year for it’s first time. This sit-down restaurant features a full menu, full bar and even air-conditioning. For those who splurged on VIP tickets, world-famous food trucks like Coolhaus, Green Truck, Border Grill, Kogi and the Lime Truck will be location in both VIP areas, serving a variety of foods from Korean BBQ to jalapeño bacon breakfast quesadillas.

Explore Beyond the Polo Fields 

If you’re staying in one of the hotels neighboring Coachella or want to explore Indio beyond your campsite, there are many places to eat off-site. Download the Yelp app from the Google Play or Apple App store to find user reviews and recommendations of the top restaurants in Coachella Valley. Day parking is free so it’s easy to take a quick drive for lunch or visit the nearby Starbucks for a coffee break. The festival also offers campers free shuttle rides to and from the nearby Ralphs supermarket from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day. Shuttles will pick up passengers in Lot 4B,

Be Your Own Chef

Coachella campers may be keen on cooking their own food at their campsite rather than spending the extra money on fancy cuisine. Whip up a creative meal using whatever you have in the cooler by visiting on your smartphone. This ingenious site lets you mark each item of food you have available and generates recipes that you can make with what you have on hand. Hot dogs and burgers are common camp food staples. And if you forget to pack some crucial ingredients, stop by the Juicebox Food Truck or Farmers Market for last-minute groceries. Or you could always grab an easy breakfast at the Campground Clubhouse Breakfast Buffet between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. Vendors will also be selling fresh coffee and smoothies every morning for the early birds.

And Don’t Forget the Drinks!

Forget the coffee and smoothies; nothing’s better than an ice cold beer on a hot day. Refresh yourself at one of Coachella’s many bars with a fruity cocktail, imported beer or even some champagne. Full cocktail bars will be located in the VIP areas at the Round Bar next to the Ferris wheel and in The Cantina Restaurant’s lobby. The Rose Garden VIP is another area to grab drinks. Located near the Sahara Tent, this area has the largest selection of any full bar in the venue. For those of you without VIP wristbands, beer gardens will be located throughout the festival. Keep in mind that alcohol sales and consumption are only allowed within each of these beer gardens. Use the Official Coachella App to help you locate the nearest beer tap.

This year’s Coachella is jam-packed with festive music, people and food. With all that food porn just waiting to be Instagrammed, be sure to bring some extra cash so you can indulge and show off your good eats. And don’t forget to download the apps that will come in handy for your inevitable munchies.

Where will you be feasting? 

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