Comic-Con 2016: What to Know

Published On July 13, 2016 | Comic Con

Comic-Con 2016 is just around the corner, July 21-24 to be exact. If you don’t already have tickets, well, good luck finding some, but if you’re one of the lucky few who managed to snag a coveted Comic-Con badge, you’re going to need to do some preplanning to make sure you hit all the must-see panels and get the latest scoop on new games and comics. If you haven’t already noticed, there’s so much to see at Comic-Con it can be a bit overwhelming, but have no fear! We’ve scoured through the endless list of panels, comics, and games to guide you through this year’s Comic-Con.

There are all sorts of panels to check out, (pro-tip, Hall H is where all the big name panels are presented) including educational discussions like Cosplay Makeup 101, but let’s face it, most of us are here to see the big stars and get a sneak peak at the latest highly anticipated movie or the next season of our favorite television shows.

Kicking off Hall H must-see panels on Thursday, July 21 at 10:00 am is Dreamworks Animation Theatrical Trolls presentation. This is sure to be a popular panel as it features Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. See the first ever public exhibition of footage from the much-anticipated sci-fi epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets at 1 pm. Director Luc Besson, of The Professional and Fifth Element fame, leads his first ever Hall H presentation alongside actors of the forthcoming film, including Cara Delevingne and Josh Horowitz. Some surprise guests may even make an appearance.

Friday has a lot of “can’t miss” panels and some that are probably worth skipping. Unless you’re a huge fan, it’s probably more worth grabbing breakfast than checking out the 10 am Inside The Big Bang Theory Writers’ Room panel. Fans of Bones will want to head to Ballroom 20 for an 11:15 am Q&A with the cast of Bones as they bid farewell to their show and Comic-Con. The biggest panel on Friday might be a tie between AMC’s The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Catch AMC’s The Walking Dead panel at 1 pm in Hall H, to see most of the cast in the flesh, including fan favorite Norman Reedus, and to get an exclusive sneak peak of season 7. Game of Thrones fans will want to stick around in Hall H for a 2:15 Q&A with cast favorites like Kristian Nairn (Hodor…noooo!).

Skip Thursday’s Star Trek: 50th Year Celebration with Roddenberry Entertainment for Saturday’s Star Trek: Celebrating 50 Years at 2:00 pm in Hall H. William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Scott Bakula, Jeri Ryan, and Worf himself, Michael Dorn, will wax poetic over 50 years of Star Trek, as well as touch on what’s to come with 2017 return of an all new Star Trek to CBS All Access. Fans of the cult favorite Evil Dead won’t want to miss the Ash Vs. Evil Dead panel at 6:45 pm in room 6A where they’ll get the latest news from Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, along with everyone’s favorite warrior princess, Lucy Lawless.

Once you get your celebrity fix, don’t forget to check out the comics, this is Comic-Con after all! One of the most anticipated series of original comics and children’s books coming out this year is Archaia’s 30th-anniversary tribute to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. You can catch a sneak peak of the masterful art from the upcoming titles on Thursday, July 21 at 11:00 am in room 5AB. Those who can’t get enough Star Wars will want to check out the Star Wars Publishing panel on July 22 at 11 am in room 7AB. Authors, editors, and artist will reveal upcoming story lines in a discussion led by Lucasfilm’s Michael Siglain.

Find the out the latest news about your favorite games in room 6BCF on July 21.

The classic Street Fighter is back with Street Fighter Nation. Get an exclusive sneak peak at the upcoming game, merchandise, and an update on the forthcoming Capcom Pro Tour  at 11:45 am. See what’s next in the new world of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare during a behind the scenes panel on July at 1 pm. Attendees will even leave with a Comic-Con exclusive poster. Fans of the World of Warcraft won’t want to miss Warcraft: The Road to Legion discussion and Q&A at 3:30. Finally, get the latest scoop on Halo Wars 2: Know Your Enemy discussion on July 22 at 10:15 am.

Whether you’re headed to Comic-Con to see all the star-studded panels, check out the latest games, or build your comics collection, Comic-Con is an awesome time to let your geek flag fly! So rock that Stormtrooper costume and take advantage of all Comic-Con has to offer!

– By Jordan Davis, Contributor @JordanKDavis_



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