Comic-Con Bombshells: What to Expect From This Year’s Event

Published On July 23, 2014 | Tech Business

The 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International means four days (July 24 – 27) of action packed events, more than 150,000 festive attendees and a long-lasting memory for comic fans. With well over 1,000 programs scheduled throughout the event, what’s a comic book nerd supposed to do?

With all the energy and chaos the surrounds Comic-Con, you’re going to need to focus your attention during the biggest pop culture convention of the year. To mentally prepare for the overwhelming but exciting lineup, here is a sneak peek of the most buzzed about bombshells that will drop at Comic-Con.


Highly anticipated Fox series “Gotham,” a show based on characters in DC Comics, will premiere its pilot at Comic-Con. To make the experience completely epic, guests can cruise on a 130-foot zip line soaking in the Gotham City skyline that will fall between the San Diego Convention Center and neighboring Hilton Bayfront Hotel.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy a little Gotham City police ride run by UBER (just select the ‘Gotham PD’ option on the app). This adventure will be so real you might even forget you’re in “America’s Finest City” and start chasing down the bad guys of Gotham yourself.

Marvel Release Date and Film Announcement

Word on the street is that Marvel Studios will announce some marvelous news this Saturday in Hall H. The superhero film production giant has already publically released five dates, but will confirm exactly which films are to fill the big screen in future days.

Trailer Preview: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Will Peeta reunite with Katniss? Is the agonizing wait finally over? Well not quite, but on Friday, July 25, Con goers have the opportunity to preview the first official teaser trailer of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The mini-screening will take fans once step closer to immersing themselves in the futuristic world and finding out exactly what will go down in the next installment of the blockbuster trilogy.

NASA’s Next Giant Leap

Not only does 2014 mark the 45th annual Comic-Con, but it also celebrates the 45th year anniversary of man landing on the moon. A special panel featuring Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin takes place July 24, to discuss the history-making orbit in space as well as plans for NASA’s upcoming rocket launches.


A real Comic-Con tradition – dressing up in costume with no regard or judgment passed to show appreciation of the costuming that has made comics, movies and the arts come alive. At Saturday night’s Masquerade, contestants will showcase theatrics, comedy and beauty as a magical spectacle takes place amid a true cast of characters.

Although the above knowledge is less than .01 percent of the never-ending list of Comic-Con news, announcements, previews and programs, it’s strongly advised you take note of these details in order to avoiding missing out on key highlights at this year’s massive explosion of popular culture galore.



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