Comic Readers Download More than 1 Million Digital Comics a Month

Published On July 9, 2013 | Comic Con

Comic readers are diehard fans. But they only have so much shelf space for their comic books. Luckily for them they can now collect digital versions of their favorite comics.

DC Entertainment recently announced two new technologies designed so that readers can interact with their digital comics.

One of the new features, DC², allows readers to swipe through multiple images and elements within a single panel. The second technology, DC² Multiverse, allows the readers to shape the story, thus creating dozens of possible outcomes.

The new technologies will contribute to the already successful company. According to TechCrunch,

“(DC Entertainment) says 1 million digital comics are being downloaded across all of DC’s distribution platforms each month. It saw its biggest one-day digital sales with Batman Inc. #8 (which got a lot of coverage for its major character death) by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham, which sold more than 10,000 digital copies on its first day of release.”

DC Entertainment isn’t the only company pleasing comic fans.

According to Gizmodo,

“Earlier this year, Marvel rolled out apps for its subscription service, Marvel Unlimited. This meant you could read all the comics you wanted on iPads or Android devices for $10 a month or $70 a year—the catch being its library isn’t quite as fleshed out, and the reading experience isn’t as smooth.”

Those who are running out of space under their bed will be happy to know they can now read and save comics on their digital device.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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