Apps and Tips for Cutting Your Mobile Bill

Published On February 25, 2015 | App & Software

Long gone are the days of unlimited data, and if you’re not careful you can end up with a hefty overage charge. Not only should you be watching your data usage, but your minutes as well. Here are some ways to keep your mobile bill under control and your data usage and minutes at bay.

Built-In Tools

On some smartphones, you are able to adjust your data settings and set limits on your mobile data. If your mobile data is switched on, you can adjust your mobile data limit and specify a warning level. You can also restrict background data.

Apps to Compress Your Data

To ensure that your data usage is restricted or limited, you can use these apps to compress technology and VPNs (virtual private networks):

Onavo Extend

This is a data saving app that runs in the background and runs all of your data through their servers. They use compression technology to reduce your data usage. You can even use the app to check how much data it has saved you.

Vortex VPN

This is another server-based program where you create a free account and select a server. You start off with 250 MB of free data. Additional data can also be purchased.

Wi-Fi Only

Use Wi-Fi only if at all possible. Take advantage and connect to your Wi-Fi while at home and disable your mobile data. Or if you’re not at home, look for local open Wi-Fi networks. You should also set some of your apps to run on Wi-Fi connections only. Netflix has an option where it will only work if you have a Wi-Fi connection and it will not run while on mobile data.

App Settings

Some of the apps you’re already using have settings you can configure that will significantly reduce your data usage.

Google Maps

You can download an area in your Google Maps so that it uses less data when navigating. You save a map for offline use by searching OK Maps in the search bar and selecting “Make this map area available offline.”


You can configure your email setting so that attachments are only downloaded via Wi-Fi.


Facebook now will automatically play videos in your newsfeed. You can shut off this feature in their settings so that it will only download the videos while on Wi-Fi.

Save on Minutes with Apps

Never use texts of minutes again with these apps.

What’s App

This app is a cross-platform mobile messaging app that lets you send messages without having to pay for SMS.


This app is a cost-effective alternative to phone calls or text messages. It won’t use your phone minutes, but it will use your mobile data (so make sure Wi-Fi is turned on).


An app for free text voice calls, messaging, group messaging, and picture sharing.


This is another app that allows you to make free voice and video calls.

How much data and minutes will you save with these tips next month?

– By Jessica Oaks



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