Different Ways You Can Get Some Use Out of That Old Tablet

Published On October 30, 2014 | Green Tech

With the tablet market booming at an all-time high, it’s extremely tempting to buy the next big thing or new generation iPad each time the opportunity comes around. Often times you can get held back feeling like your old tablet will go to waste when the newer model arrives.

Here are some creative ways you can repurpose an old tablet so that you can buy the latest gadget guilt-free.

Kid-Friendly Gaming Center

When you give a kid an iPad, you’re bound to think of the dreaded potential of them dropping the sleek, slim and expensive device on the ground, shattering it to pieces. Instead of giving a child your new tablet to play Angry Birds on and watch movies, utilize an old tablet to ease the mind and keep the blood pressure low – kids stay entertained and you stay worry-free.

The Baby Monitor

Speaking of kids, an old tablet device can additionally be repurposed as a nursery monitor. Various apps are available to download so that the tablet’s camera and speakers can link to another smart device. That way you can see what your baby is up to in another room, directly from your smartphone.

Play DJ

If you like to hook up your iPhone to speakers or a sound dock, then you know the annoyance of having to take your phone on and off the dock to make or answer a call or do other activities besides playing music. With an old tablet you can create a more permanent sound center by hooking it up to a speaker system and keeping it in place at all times, ready to play jams at your leisure. What’s nice about this is the syncing technology that exists today – play your favorite songs that are normally housed on the smartphone or iPod and sync them to the tablet. Cue the music and turn it up!

Digital Cookbook

Covering a phone with greasy hands or all-purpose flour while baking cookies can be a problem for budding chefs, so it’s better to prop up a spare tablet in your kitchen to act as a go-to cookbook. Using a hard copy of a cookbook is so old style and actually inefficient given the access to millions of recipes via Internet. By utilizing this digital cookbook, you can search for cooking videos on YouTube or look up recipes right at your fingertips. To add, should any hiccups happen while whipping up culinary delights, search for solutions in a crunch using the digital pad and get on your way to becoming the best chef possible.

The Ultimate Photo Frame

Create that homey ambience with a photo slideshow of favorite memories on an old tablet device. Share picture albums from you phone in the same cloud that links to a tablet, place the tablet on the living room coffee table or along the walls, and play the slideshow option, you can even include accompanying music. This is a true upgrade to the regular photo frame décor.

There are so many uses for old tablets, you don’t need to give them up when you buy the latest and greatest tablet device to come out. These practical ideas will inspire you to recycle your old device in a purposeful manner that’ll make you feel great about buying the new tab.

Share your ideas for how to repurpose an old tablet in the comments.

– By Jessica Oaks



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