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Published On February 6, 2013 | Electronics

Adventure seekers are constantly looking for their next challenge. Thanks to the recent developments in cameras like the GoPro, Sony Action Cam and Contour, every quest can be documented. Those who want to live so dangerously close to the edge can now capture exciting moments hands free thanks to these devices.

The new camcorders on the market are made for adventurous photographers and videographers as they come equipped with features like waterproof cases and heavy duty designs. The GoPro HERO3, Sony Action Cam, Contour+2 and Contour ROAM2 are at the top among the list of competitors. You can find stunning features in these cameras like incredibly quick burst speeds and high quality lenses while also getting features that make them extremely handy and enduring, even on the toughest outings. Best of all, these durable cameras are available for around $300.

GoPro HERO3-
For photographers and camcorder lovers, the GoPro HERO2 outdoor edition was an adventurous yet amazing camera that allowed for breathtaking photos. With GoPro’s all new HERO3, you get a lighter, more compact and Wi-Fi connected camera with a high resolution and top frame rates for those who work with standard HD resolutions. The HERO3 is a handy camera for any adventure lover, whether taking video of moving animals or capturing gorgeous shots of sporting events. For customers who were disappointed with the burst speeds in previous cameras, GoPro has improved it in the newest model.

HERO3 comes in three types: black, white and silver editions. Each is a competitor for sports cameras but the Black Edition is the ultimate and provides a better photo overall in the sports camera category. At just $299.99, the 12 megapixel HERO3 offers a six element aspherical lens, improved LCD, dot-matrix display, micro-HDMI output and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a mini-USB port, lithium ion battery with USB charger, audio recording, remote control via iPhone and Android devices and several other features. The HERO3 is a top choice for those who need a heavy duty camera in a small package.

Image via Flickr, by Bradley Nash Burgess

Sony Action Cam-
A new compact sports camcorder is on the market and it’s raising quite a few brows for those who love to take moving and still life photos. The Sony Action Cam is a small yet powerful camera with five MP4 options including 1080p30 and 720p120. This camera has a slot made for microSD and memory stick micro cards as well as a mobile battery that can be charged with a micro-USB. The camera also comes with a waterproof and shock resistant case as well as two adhesive mounts, which allows photographers to set up easily and set time lapse for multi-shot and video sessions with active kids, animals and sporting events.

While there is an option for Wi-Fi connectivity, it costs about $70 more, but at $200 for the base price, it’s still under $300. The Sony Action Cam isn’t as advanced as the GoPro. The camera has a video resolution of 11.9 megapixels and offers a BIONZ image processor with a shutter speed of 1/30 seconds. A Carl Zeiss 2.5-megapixel lens makes up for lack of mods allowing for a 170 degree max view angle. The Sony Action Cam also includes backlight, built-in speaker, USB 2.0 compatibility, high-speed USB and HDMI ports, noise reduction and date/time stamp. 

Contour+2/Contour ROAM2-
The Contour+2 has been a favorite among videographers because it takes amazing HD video and offers instant on-record slider to make it even easier to capture the best footage. This is one of the best cameras for very active sports photographers and nature lovers. The camera comes with stands to allow for time lapse photos. It’s a great camera for those who want to take pictures but don’t have free hands, like photographers who hang glide, surf, ski, kayak or participate in other extreme sports. With Bluetooth, the camera easily connects to different apps and GPS location also allows for locations to be added to videos. Although it’s more expensive than the HERO3, it offers some amazing video recording modes like Full HD at 1080p with 30 frames per second. This is a great camera for those who need a handy camera with powerful modes and easy to capture handling.

The Contour ROAM2 is another camera that is powerful and also colorful. The ROAM2 offers a six-element glass lens that spans 170 degrees and rotates 270 degrees with a laser that allows you to easily level. While not as fully featured as the Contour+2, it’s a bit cheaper at $200 and is waterproof even without its case. 

While all of these cameras offer a variety of different functions and modes, the GoPro HERO3 comes through with the best options for less than $300, including Wi-Fi connectivity and a better quality lens. However, the Contour+2 is more all-wear resistant with waterproof, weather and shockproof cases as well as a full HD recording mode. Finding the perfect extreme camera depends on how extreme the user is.

If you need a camera that can stand up against extreme conditions, but that you can carry around for everyday use, consider weatherproof cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix XP50, Olympus Tough TG-820 or Nikon Coolpix AW100.

Which of the extreme cameras do you like best and what do you use it for?



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