Disaster-Proof Apps to Save Your Life

Published On October 3, 2013 | App & Software, Mobile

Despite the frequent natural disasters that occur in our nation, very few people are actually prepared for calamity when it strikes. Whether it is blind optimism that a disaster will not transpire in one’s life or heedless caution, tech-savvy iPhone owners need to be aware of the endless apps and gadgets available for one’s survival.

During a natural disaster, it is difficult to think clearly and rationally. Maintaining vital information on your phone could very well save your life. According to Mashable, there are several apps that can help you in times of need. The official FEMA app includes all of the basic information you will need on hand during a general disaster: emergency kit, checklists, maps, and meet-up locations.

There are more specific apps to provide guidance depending on one’s circumstances. Lost Person Finder assembles data from hospitals, social networks, local citizens and disaster relief organizations to track down loved ones. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) will notify users of emergency hazards including extreme weather, AMBER alerts and finally, presidential alerts.

In addition to apps, there are a plethora of gadgets that may prove beneficial to your safety. The hand-cranked phone charger is necessary to make emergency calls or texts if you have misplaced your spare phone battery. LuminAID is a waterproof, solar-powered, and affordable LED light source for when you may find yourself in dim surroundings.

Although no one can be entirely prepared for every destructive occurrence, the mentioned tools may help avert additional danger.

— By Jessica Oaks



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