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Published On August 8, 2013 | Tech Business

It’s that time of year again when college students head back to school and scrounge for money to pay for textbooks they’ll probably never even open. As if paying tuition and student fees wasn’t painful enough, students must cut back on their lattes at Starbucks in order to buy materials for the classroom.

Luckily for students, there is some relief available when it comes to spending money on textbooks.

An article from Forbes stated that,

“According to the College Board’s latest Trends In College Pricing report, in 2011-2012, books and supplies cost students at four year public colleges an average of $1,168, and at private non-profit four-year colleges an average of $1,213.”

If you don’t want to spend money on a book you might not ever use, renting or buying books online is a great alternative.


BookReader is great for students who are very tight budget. The site offers free shipping and returns on book rentals. If you find out two weeks into the semester that you won’t be using the textbook, you can return it with 21 days.


This site allows you to rent, buy or sell textbooks. You can do the same with electronics, musical instruments and other materials you don’t want to pay full price for.


One of the easiest ways to comparison shop is to use this website. You can compare the price of a textbook, along with its availability, across 20 different online stores.

There are several other great sites on Mashable’s list of 11 Convenient Sites for Cheap Textbooks. So if you don’t feel like eating microwavable noodles all semester long, check out these websites.

— By Jennifer Thayer



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