Educational Games to Get You Back to School

Published On September 17, 2013 | App & Software, Gaming

It’s that time of year again—back to school. Whether you’re sending your little ones off to school or going back yourself, there are many educational game apps out there to kick start the school year. Here’s an overview of some of the top apps to get you back to school.

Apps for Preschool

Encourage a love for learning at an early age with preschool geared apps like Reading Raven and Toca Band. Reading Raven uses phonics to teach children how to read. It even allows children to practice tracing letters and words. Reading Raven offers a different curriculum for ages 3 through 7 so this app can grow with your child and keep him or her engaged for years to come.

Toca Band is an interactive app perfect for ages 2 and up. Toca band lets children explore playing with rhythm and melody. With Toca Band your child can express his or her inner musician with 48 different sounds.

Apps for Elementary School

Elementary school students can build up their math skills with games like Connect Sums. Connect Sums uses math puzzles to improve math skills and teach kids (and adults) that math is fun. Another fun educational game app for elementary school students is Monster Physics.

Monster Physics allows users to build cars, helicopters, and create completely new contraptions using a realistic physics engine. Monster Physics has 50 missions to help kids learn physics terms and critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Apps for Middle School

There are many educational apps for middle school students covering biology, art, history, and math. Encyclopedia Britannica Kids Ancient Rome app is perfect for any sixth grader studying ancient history. This app includes such features as puzzles, scramble images, and quizzes, and covers topics like the rise of Rome and Roman mythology.

Encyclopedia Britannica Kids is also available for Egypt and the Aztec Empire. Students can improve their science skills with game apps like Language Central for Science. This app help students learn science vocabulary terms with trivia games.

Apps for High School

High school students can get a little extra help in foreign language with apps from MindSnacks. MindSnacks offers a variety of foreign language apps including Learn French, Learn Spanish, and Learn Japanese. These apps use games to help users learn spelling, grammar, vocabulary, conversation skills. There are many apps for high school level math ranging from algebra to calculus.

Mathemagics – Easy Algebra Fast is a cool app which teaches techniques to improve mental math skills and increase calculation speed. Mathemagics uses animated examples to teach math skills, making it an excellent app to help students prepare for tests like the SAT and PSAT.

Apps for the School of Life

You don’t actually need to be going back to school to enjoy educational games. With so many different types of educational game apps, you could learn about almost anything. Brush up on your high school foreign language skills, learn about the humanities, or improve your math skills. Educational games make learning fun.

— By Stephanie Willingham

Stephanie Willingham is a contributing writer for a variety of industry blogs. She has professional experience in the medical and financial fields. 



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