Facebook Home: ‘Your Friends Are Always There’

Published On April 4, 2013 | Mobile

Mark Zuckerberg has finally revealed Facebook’s latest revolutionary social experience, which he describes as “the best experience for every person on every phone.” Seeing as how we already spend as much as 25 percent of our time on our smartphones using Facebook, why not make it 100 percent?

Facebook Home Shows Your World Through People, Not Apps

Despite rampant rumors of Facebook releasing a physical Facebook phone model, the product actually being released is Facebook Home, a software integration with Android bringing Facebook literally in front of your face. The main features of Facebook Home are the Cover Feed and Chat Heads, keeping your friends closer than ever—they’re practically inescapable.

As The Verge’s David Pierce put it:

“Home is a family of Facebook apps that overhauls your entire device, turning it into a Facebook phone. An app called Cover Feed overhauls the homescreen and the lockscreen, giving you updates on what your friends are doing without you having to launch an app, or even unlock your phone—and you’ll get ads in all the same places. You can comment or like posts from your homescreen—it feels incredibly native. Everything is full-screen and incredibly visual, really looking nothing like Android.


Messaging is one of the key features of Facebook Home—Zuckerberg made no bones about believing the way we currently message is broken. Messaging on Facebook Home is everywhere—you’ll see a round icon with the face of whoever you’re talking to, called “Chat Heads,” over top of any app you’re using. Just tap your friend’s face, and up comes your chat window … It works with SMS and Facebook messaging, but Chat Heads try to obscure which you’re actually using—it’s all about who you’re chatting with, not what service you’re using to do so.”

Your friends are always there.

This is perfect the perfect fuel for your Facebook addiction, but where does it leave your other social networks? Here’s what 23 Twitter employees have to say about Facebook Home.

Wait, What About Privacy?

Although many chat-hungry Facebook consumers are already pouncing at the opportunity to install Facebook Home on their Androids, some crucial privacy concerns remain:

  • If Facebook Home’s Cover Feed is your lockscreen, just how much of your personal—and potentially private—information is at risk if your phone is lost or stolen?
  • Does such deep mobile integration allow Facebook complete access to where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re talking to?

How to Get Facebook Home

Android users can download Facebook Home from the Google Play Store onto their current device or they can purchase a new Android with Facebook Home preloaded. The HTC First will be the first device to come preloaded with Facebook Home—hence, the clever name—and will be available from AT&T on April 12 for a friendly price tag of $99.99. Facebook Home will be coming to a “wide variety of devices” but will not be available on tablets for several months.

Will you use Facebook Home?

— By Jessica Oaks



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