Fans to Get a Peek Inside NFL Player Locker Rooms

Published On April 11, 2013 | Electronics

Anyone who has seen the 1982 classic comedy “Porky’s” remembers the infamous locker-room shower scene. Well, Peeping Toms who enjoyed that movie will soon get a chance to relish in some behind-the-scenes footage direct from player locker rooms at professional football games.

The National Football League is requiring teams to install locker-room cameras next season in order to broadcast video on stadium scoreboards.

According to Mashable:

“While teams will be forced to install the cameras, they will have more freedom on how to use the footage in-stadium. Video that teams do use, however, will only be viewable by fans at games and not by fans watching at home. The in-person-only option comes as the NFL tries to add incentives for sports fans to continue coming to games amid rising ticket prices and increasingly attractive TV options.”

But while fans and maybe even a few Peeping Toms rejoice the announcement, there is sure to be some opposition from players and coaches, especially after what happened last year inside one team’s locker room.

“There is also, of course, the possibility that the cameras could give fans a too intimate view of the players they idolize. Last November, Chicago Bears star Brandon Marshall tweeted a locker-room photo with a new t-shirt he received in the mail — not realizing that a bare butt was captured in the background.”

If cameras are installed in locker rooms next season, will that convince you to leave your house and buy tickets to NFL games?

— By Jennifer Thayer



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