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Published On July 16, 2013 | Comic Con

Summertime in San Diego means one thing for thousands of people across the globe: Comic-Con International. Whether you’re lucky enough to be going or wish you were going, here’s a compilation of some of the best comic related apps to help gear you up for the Con.

DC and Marvel Comics Apps

Both DC and Marvel Comics offer their own apps which make reading your favorite comics possible anywhere. DC Comics makes such favorites as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman available to your smartphone or tablet. New comics are available weekly through the DC Comics app.

Like DC Comics, Marvel makes hundreds of titles available for your mobile device. Favorites like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine are just a few of the titles available through the Marvel app.

Hero Creator

Just as the name sounds, the Hero Creator app allows you to create your own hero using an array of customizable costume options, including capes, masks, chest plates, and gloves. You’ll also get to choose your superhero’s traits and special powers. Once you’ve created your superhero send him or her off to battle robots and evildoers.

Iron Man 3-The Official Game

There are many Iron Man apps out there but none can quite compare to Iron Man 3-The Official Game. The graphics alone would help set this app above the rest but it’s the game play which really sets it apart. Iron Man 3-The Official Game includes flying battles, armor and power upgrades, three different locations, four classic Iron Man villains, and the option to develop 18 Iron Man suits including the Mark II and Mark 42.

Superhero Booth

Superhero Booth is a fun app which allows you to give superhero touches to the photos in your smartphone’s camera roll. Superhero Booth allows you to add Hulk arms, superhero masks, capes, gloves, Wolverine claws, and other fun props to bring out your inner superhero. Share your pictures with friends on Facebook or text message.

Angry Birds Star Wars

What’s better than playing Angry Birds? Playing Angry Birds Star Wars! Angry Birds Star Wars takes the modern classic Angry Birds game and re-imagines it with a Star Wars twist. Help the Rebel birds defeat the Empire and destroy the Pig Star. With more than 100 levels (there’s even R2-D2 and C-3P0 bonus levels), Angry Birds Star Wars offers hours of entertainment.

Toy Collector

Toy Collector is an action figure collector’s dream. Toy Collector is a catalogue of more than 33,000 toys and collectibles. Toy Collector has catalogued action figures from the Marvel Universe, DC Universe Classics, Star Wars, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, She-Ra, and many more. There are images to accompany most entries. Use Toy Collector to see which action figures you’re missing or to see how much your collection could be worth.

Whether you make it to Comic Con or not, you can satisfy your inner fanboy with any of these entertaining apps.

— By Tim Alan



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