Feel Like a Kid Again With These Classic Video Games

Published On August 23, 2013 | Gaming

If you’ve ever wanted to turn back the clock and return to the super days of your youth when Super Mario and Donkey Kong were more than just games and more like a way of life, there is good news. Thanks to RetroN 5 gaming console, you can walk down memory lane and play the classic games on a console that supports cartridges from five classic game makers and that will allow you to play thousands of classic games.

Go Old School With Donkey Kong

When Donkey Kong was introduced in 1981, Super Mario was not super. He was not even Mario. He was “Jumpman” and didn’t become Mario until a few years later (when then little known Nintendo, makers of Donkey Kong, changed “Jumpman” to “Mario.” In Donkey Kong, you, as Mario, must navigate a treacherous construction site to rescue a distressed Pauline from Donkey Kong, dodging barrels and other elements along the way. The game was so successful that, in addition to spawning more games, it even spawned its own pop culture expression: “It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

A few years later, Mario got his own game in Mario Bros, starring Mario and his brother Luigi. Together, they traverse the depths of the sewers battling various creatures while collecting coins as payment. In the decades to follow, Mario starred in hundreds more classic games and, while he was navigating sewers and construction sites, another hero was navigating roads.


Introduced in 1981, the goal in Frogger is to direct frogs to their homes one by one by dodging cars while crossing a busy road and an equally hazardous river. Like Mario, Frogger became a classic, leading to more games, a television show, and numerous mentions, including on a classic episode of Seinfeld.

Classic Atari and Arcade Games

In Missile Command, you must defend your city from a barrage of ballistic missiles while in Centipede, you defend yourself from an advancing centipede by firing lasers through mushrooms. In Sonic, you, as a blue hedgehog, must save the world from Doctor Eggman who seeks world domination while in Pong, you must simply hold serve.

If classic games are what you want, RetroN 5 is the only system you need. Whether you want to hop across streets, jump barrels, shoot down missiles, or battle dangerous creatures, whether you want to save the world or hold serve, RetroN 5 is better than any other console at revisiting the joys of youth.

— By Tim Alan



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