Finally, the Truth: Female Gamers Love Sex

Published On December 29, 2012 | Gaming

The old stereotype of video games being just for young teenage boys is over. New studies are showing how varied this audience is, and that women rather enjoy playing games, both online and in the bedroom. Gaming has always been a passion for all ages and genders. The gaming industry caters to a variety of personalities, whether you’re an intense first-person shooter or you just want to ride dragons with your guildies in World of Warcraft. While jokes may poke fun at the sex lives of serious gamers, a new study reveals that female gamers actually have more sex. Is it really possible that playing an hour of Black Ops can really help out a girl gamer’s sex drive? Maybe if you’re into big guns, grenades and zombies, but this new study actually proves a relationship between video games and the female libido.


Image via Flickr, by Valentin Ottone

Image via Flickr, by Valentin Ottone

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, gaming was shown to relieve stress for most women, something that factors into wanting to have more sex as well. The study showed in a GameHouse infographic revealed that 57 percent of female gamers have sex. That’s not all. Out of this majority, 38 percent of the gamers were having sex at least once a week. There were still a large majority of non-gaming females who participated in amorous activities, about 52 percent. Is it just that women love video games to the point of sexual climax or are they becoming the majority of video game players? Some more studies have been following this elusive gamer female archetype.


While the study didn’t show results for male gamers, it would seem that they are also having a lot of sex unless there’s some relationship between lesbianism and gaming too. Perhaps it’s all about the right type of game. A report by Entertainment Software Association (ESA) last year found that the amount of female gamers increased by 42 percent. As video games become more and more a part of the American lifestyle, perhaps more sex is the result. In addition to more female gamers, the attitude that video games are strictly for teenage boys was also proven wrong by the ESA study as it showed that there were more women 18 and older playing video games than 17 and younger males. Adult women also have more buying power when it comes to video games, making up 48 percent of the people who actually pay for their own video games instead of parents.


Image via Flickr, by RebeccaPollard

Image via Flickr, by RebeccaPollard

Some other interesting facts thanks,to GameHouse, include that more online female gamers live in southern United States and more than half of online female gamers are in a relationship. Not surprisingly, the study also found that seven out of 10 gamer chicks are happy with their relationship status. No one could have guessed that Black Ops was for lovers, but perhaps saving your boyfriend from a horde of zombies or taking out that sniper who had been camping your lady’s spawn is just the ticket to the happy place in the bedroom.





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