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Published On April 1, 2014 | App & Software, Mobile

So you’ve reached your destination with plenty of time to spare, or so you think, until it becomes apparent, as you maneuver your vehicle at a slow crawl up each parking aisle, that it is going to take some time to locate that elusive parking space.

You even take to stopping passersby to inquire if they are returning to their vehicles so you may follow them to their cars and take their spot once they leave. In a world so driven by technology, one would imagine that there has to be an easier way to solve the ever-escalating parking problem. One would be right for imagining so.

The past couple of years have given us several smartphone apps that can direct you to paid parking areas at many of the popular destinations to which you might travel and can even remember where you parked when you can’t. Here are few of my favorites.


Perhaps one of the most popular parking apps on the market is ParkMe, available for iOS and Android. Using Google Maps API, ParkMe will help you to locate a paid parking spot in almost any city, displaying the price, payment options and operating hours for nearby parking garages. ParkMe will also provide you with real-time figures telling you how busy a particular garage is.


With more than 15 million parking spots listed, Parkopedia is a user-generated parking encyclopedia of parking spots across the globe. App users rate and review locations where they have parked before, add missing parking spots and even provide parking-related information about the area in which they live or with which they are familiar. Parkopedia will also let you book a parking spot if that feature is available at the garage in question.

QP QuickPay

QP QuickPay is a secure mobile payment platform that allows you to pay for parking using your smartphone. With QP QuickPay, quickly locate one of the authorized QP QuickPay spaces and use the app to pay by text message or voice.


Another parking app, ParkWhiz lets you locate drive up parking spots or book parking spaces in advance. The app will display parking areas and their associated prices. You can then use that information to find an immediate parking spot or book one in advance.


Sometimes, finding a parking space is almost as aggravating as trying to remember where you parked in the first place. Well, there’s an app that can help you with that, too. Without any input or setup on your part, AutoFinder will actually make a note of where you parked your car then guides you back to that location when you’re ready to leave. No more helpless wandering around big mall parking lots wondering “where did I park?”

Parking Meter Pro

If expired parking meters are you worst nightmare, worry no more. Available for iOS, Parking Meter Pro is a simple-to-use timer that will alert you when you’re your timed parking space is about to expire. The app will also identify where you parked.

Pocket Parking Meter

The Pocket Parking Meter will help you to keep track of the time remaining on your parking meter. It also provides a platform for noting where you parked your car via GPS or map view.

These are just some of the parking applications available for iOS or Android. Use them wisely and you may never have to again do that slow crawl hounding strangers for their parking spaces.

 – By Tim Alan



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