Five Apps Mac Users Own, or Should

Published On April 17, 2013 | App & Software

Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, it cannot be denied that its lineup of computers has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. From its former days as a niche product, Macs are now increasingly found in homes, schools and even offices.

It’s the Apps

So what makes the OS X-based machines so popular? Many users would respond that the operating system is intuitive in a way Windows could never be. The attractive build is just an added bonus.

In 2011, the OS X experience was simplified even further with the release of the Mac App Store. Steve Jobs, the late Apple CEO, said at the time that the objective was to make finding and buying PC apps easy and fun.

Today, there are thousands of apps available, from simple to-do list generators to professional-grade music production software. With so many options, searching for new and exciting apps to download can be a fun pastime for the geek in all of us. Below is a list of five of the most popular Mac apps.

1. Kindle

Believe it or not, the Kindle app for Macs is one of the most popular apps in the Mac App Store. In reality, this shouldn’t surprise many since the Kindle device is perhaps the best e-reader on the market. With the Kindle app, users can access their entire Kindle library on their desktop.

The Kindle app is free.

2. Caffeine

Moving on to utilities, Caffeine is a popular app that every Mac owner could benefit from having. By default, the screen on a Mac is set to dim or enter sleep mode immediately once inactivity is detected. This is a smart choice for conserving battery and screen life, but it’s annoying when you’re actually sitting in front of your computer and have to constantly move the mouse or enter a password to stop the process.

Instead of constantly altering your settings to match your current needs, Caffeine is designed to pause the process by simply clicking the coffee mug icon that appears in your menu bar. To undo, click the icon again.

This app is also free.

3. Memory Clean

RAM, or memory, plays an important role in how your computer performs. With more memory, your computer will run faster. However, there are tons of programs, such as the Safari Web browser, that tend to run away with your available RAM. For those who aren’t tech savvy, Memory Clean is a straightforward app that details how much memory is available. With one click, users can free up extra memory that programs are claiming but aren’t actually using.

If you run intensive programs like photo-editing software, Memory Clean is essential for keeping your computer performing at an optimal speed.

Memory Clean is a free app.

4. 1Password

Everyone can agree that usernames and passwords are a pain to organize and remember. That’s where 1Password comes into play.

The app is designed to encrypt and store login information, personal contact information and multiple credit card numbers for quicker online purchases. With one master password, users can automatically fill in their information whenever necessary and no longer worry about memorization or security threats.

The app comes at a price of $49.

5. iMovie

Granted, most of us don’t have a day-to-day need for a video editor, but since smartphones have rendered it just as easy to film an HD video as it is to snap a photo, you never know when the need might arise. As a foolproof video editor, iMovie’s editing process is as simple as importing the raw footage, dragging the desired clips into your timeline, adding transitions, text overlays or photos and clicking export.

The iMovie paid app costs $14.99.

These are just a few of the many apps that Mac users should have. Which app is your favorite?



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